Top Recommendations For Mexican Food in Culichi Town

Mexican Food in Culichi Town

Mexican food is one of the most popular dishes served in Culichi Town. Here you can sample a wide variety of Mexican dishes. Try their flans and micheladas, and enjoy a nice cosy atmosphere and pleasant service in a medium price range. The following are some of the top recommendations for Mexican food in Culichi Town. Read on to discover more about this popular Mexican restaurant. Here you will find an extensive menu and the restaurant’s Chef Misael Guerrero.

17    locations

The restaurant chain Culichi Town, which started in Sinoloa, Mexico, has expanded to 17 locations in California and southwestern states. Their menu is comprised of Mexican dishes with ingredients such as seafood, beef, and cheese. Originally, the Mexican sushi was sold on the streets of the city. Its popularity has prompted the company to open restaurants in Chicago, Houston, and Las Vegas, and it has plans to expand to other cities soon.

There are 17 locations in California, with another nine in the works. The menu is eclectic, ranging from traditional Mexican fare to seafood and other international flavors. Customers can dine in or order takeout through online ordering. Culichi Town is ranked #1 on Tripadvisor among 39 Bell restaurants and boasts a high level of customer service. The restaurant offers pick-up and delivery options and a live band on the weekends.

The chef began his career working in a restaurant in his hometown of Culiacan, Mexico, where he learned to prepare Japanese and Mexican dishes. After immigrating to the United States, Guerrero created original dishes in his garage. He opened his first restaurant, Culichi Town, in Fontana, California, in 2011. Today, the brand has 17 locations and plans to expand into other states.

Culichi Town is a Mexican restaurant franchise that uses sushi-style rolls inspired by Sinaloa. There are 17 locations, and each serves a different menu with fresh seafood and sushi. The menu offers sushi rolls and fusion dishes, and focuses on seafood. You can enjoy the Norteno Roll, which features shrimp, imitation crab, cream cheese, and jalapenos. Culichi Town is also known for its sushi rolls, and its spicy crab sauce is a staple of many dishes.


For a taste of Sinaloa, head to Culichi Town. With three Irvine locations, Culichi Town specializes in Sinaloan and Mexican cuisine. Menu items include sushi rolls, seafood ceviches, and tacos gobernador. Recently, Culichi opened its third Irvine location at Heritage Plaza, and just a few weeks ago, opened its second in La Habra. If you’ve been to Culichi Town in Irvine, you’ve probably noticed the fusion style of the food.


If you’re looking for a good Mexican restaurant, consider a visit to Culichi Town. This popular Mexican restaurant specializes in seafood and features the cuisine of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. A new location is planned for Denver, Colorado. Although a representative of Culichi Town was unavailable to answer questions about the new location, the restaurant is sure to be a good addition to the Denver community.

Culichi Town’s menu is eclectic, and the menu changes regularly. From fusion dishes to ceviche towers, the menu is extensive and diverse. Whether you’re craving an appetizer or a meal for two, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your palate. Culichi Town has been rated #0 on TripAdvisor among the 39 restaurants in Bell, CA. It also has delivery and pick-up options.

One of the most popular restaurants in San Diego is Culichi Town. This sushi and Mexican restaurant now has 15 locations throughout the city. One location is located near Villa Colonial. The other is planned for Chula Vista. The new location will be 7,800 square feet. Culichi Town is open for lunch and dinner. Customers can enjoy a full Mexican or Japanese menu. The restaurant will also serve beer and wine. You can try their sushi and seafood platters at any time.

Chef Misael Guerrero

The founder of CulichiTown, Chef Misael Guerrero, hails from the southern Mexican state of Sinaloa. The young chef migrated to the U.S. from Mexico in 2008, only speaking Spanish. His passion for Mexican cuisine and culture grew throughout his time working in his parents’ restaurant and growing in his own conviction to pursue his love of food.

Growing up in a small town in Mexico, Misael Guerrero spent his childhood helping his parents run a grocery store and restaurant. When he moved to California 12 years ago, he continued to stick to his culinary roots and started selling food from his home. Today, his family’s restaurant in Culichi serves a variety of Latin and Mexican fare. And with the addition of fresh seafood and sushi, Chef Misael Guerrero in Culichi town has become a favorite spot for many.

Misael’s inspiration

Misael’s inspiration to open a restaurant was his passion for Mexican food. He was a tamale salesman in Rialto, California, and quickly found his niche in the food business. From humble beginnings in his garage, CulichiTown spread to 15 locations across the country, with more planned. A visit to his restaurant will be a delightful experience, not just a tasty meal.

Since the opening of the first Culichitown in Rialto in 2011, Guerrero’s vision has borne fruit. Today, the brand has grown from a single location to 14 in Southern California. Culichitown has expanded to four locations in Houston and two in Chicago. To keep up with his culinary innovations, Guerrero can be followed on Instagram and at his website. cunoaÈ™te more about Chef Misael Guerrero’s story at Culichitown.

The Culichi Town brand has come a long way from its humble beginnings at a sushi garage. The company is now an internationally recognized franchise with 15 locations across North America. With the growing popularity of Mexican-style sushi, CulichiTown is offering a culinary experience unlike any other. The menu changes regularly and the staff undergoes intensive training. The Tacoma location is designed for families and sports enthusiasts, and a band will perform live music at the restaurant.

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