37.340.010 LTDA Restaurante Coma Bem Porto Alegre

Unveiling the Identity: Basics First

Restaurante Coma Bem, beautifully nestled in Porto Alegre’s Sao Joao neighborhood, isn’t just another eatery; it represents a culinary heritage. Owned and operated under the commercial entity Audrey Bernardino da Costa LTDA, it boasts a CNPJ registration of 37.340.010/0001-86.

Historical Footprints: The Journey Begins

Having opened its doors on 05/06/2020, Restaurante Coma Bem has served delectable dishes for over three years. This “Eat Well Restaurant” journey is a testament to perseverance, dedication, and a burning passion for food.

Firm Foundations: Company Essentials

Registered as a Micro Company, its legal nature denotes a Limited Company status. Although it isn’t enlisted under MEI, it’s registered under the Simple option since 06/05/2020, showing its commitment to streamlined operations.

Finances & Operations: The Backbone

With a robust capital social of R$ 300,000,00, it’s evident that Restaurante Coma Bem doesn’t just prioritize the palate but also ensures financial stability. Marked as a Matrix type, its active status since 05/18/2022 underlines its consistent performance in the market.

Get In Touch: Bridge the Gap

Are you looking to book a table or provide feedback? Audrey Bernardino da Costa makes it seamless! Email audrey_da_costa@hotmail.com or ring up at (51) 99892-6962. And for those tech-savvy folks, you can send a quick WhatsApp message, too!

Where It All Happens: The Locale

Visit this gem at Avenida Benjamin Constant, 849, Sao Joao, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, and experience its magic first-hand. Should you wish to send any correspondence, utilize the same address for a swift response.

The Pillars: Management & Leadership

Audrey Bernardino da Costa isn’t just a name on the board; she’s the heart and soul of this enterprise. Serving as the Managing Partner, her expertise and culinary vision translate into the exceptional dining experience that the restaurant promises.

In Retrospect: A Legacy in the Making

Restaurante Coma Bem, under the diligent leadership of Audrey Bernardino da Costa, stands tall as a beacon of gourmet excellence in Porto Alegre. A part of the more prominent Audrey Bernardino da Costa LTDA family, its mission goes beyond filling plates—it aims to satiate souls. Celebrating its primary business focus of being among the finest restaurants, its active status showcases its unwavering commitment to food lovers in and around Rio Grande do Sul.

Whether you’re a food connoisseur or seeking a memorable dining experience, Restaurante Coma Bem invites you with open arms. Experience authenticity, savor tradition, and let every bite tell you a story. Join them on this gastronomic journey; you won’t be disappointed.

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