How to Find a Pizza King Location Near You

Founders of Pizza King? Which Pizza King restaurant is the best? What time is it? And what distinguishing qualities does Pizza King offer? This article will answer all your burning questions. You can find out about this giant chain of pizza joints with the help of this handy guide. Also, read about the founders of this famous chain. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Pizza King. Read on to find the best pizza king locations near you!

Giant Pizza King

If you live in San Diego, chances are you have already heard of Giant Pizza King. This local favorite has a long and distinguished history in the area. If you want to save time waiting in line at a busy pizza joint, try ordering ahead of time and picking up at the curb. Luckily, multiple locations to choose from, and credit cards are accepted. Ordering online is just as convenient as having your food delivered.

Founders of pizza king

Founded in 1956 by two brothers, Pizza King has grown to be a well-known and beloved chain of restaurants in the United States. Its easy-to-understand menu has remained relatively unchanged for more than fifty years. However, its owners sometimes shared different visions. Their goal was to create an Italian restaurant that would appeal to various palates. Today, they offer family-friendly dining options around the world.

Howard Thompson launched the first Pizza King shop when he was only 21. He was drafted into the army during the first year and had to go to school for six months. While Howard Thompson was away, his son John took over and continued the business until he died in 1982. Both of his sons still work in the restaurant, and Kathy Thompson’s son is currently attending culinary school while balancing work and school.

In the 1960s, Barnes’ grandfather opened chicken restaurants, but he saw a business opportunity in the Pizza King chain. He decided to train in the franchise business and opened a second Pizza King in Richmond. Later, he and Barnes expanded the chain to include two additional stores in Cambridge City and Greenburg. However, the original couple remained committed to the brand and expanded it throughout the country. They continued to grow the company and now have four locations across the country.

Italian-American Frank Mastro created the original pizza. In this early stage, Mastro’s father, Vinnie, assisted by his mother-in-law, rolled four hundred pizzas to mark his birthday. The company had humble beginnings – the first store was in a small room adjacent to a grocery store on Schnatz Avenue in Kettering, Ohio. And although it was initially a tiny store, the business quickly began to expand, and by the 1960s, the company was serving pizzas all over the U.S.


Are you looking for a Pizza King location in Jamaica? Look no further! The chain’s Chelsea Heights location is at 1 Piper Dr. Shop 3, in the southernmost county of Delaware. You can get directions to any Pizza King location by printing a map. You can also find the restaurant’s address and phone number, as well as find parking information and public transportation. You can learn more about this restaurant chain by reading our guide.

This Michigan chain of pizza was started in 1978 by Thomas Griffin. The business is known for its great pizza and operates in three locations. The company has won numerous customer and restaurant awards for its pizza. This chain is known for its signature pizza, which contains more than a pound of cheese! The Chicago Style pizza is a cheese lover’s paradise! You can also get a delicious pizza at the restaurant by ordering online.


To avoid the hassle of missing your favorite pizza, check the hours of Pizza King before visiting. The restaurant closes at midnight, which is quite late compared to other fast-food chains. While Pizza King may be famous for its great taste, it is also known to offer excellent service and a wide variety of delicious food. However, you should be aware that its timings may change from time to time. If you want to visit it during non-peak hours, you can call ahead of time.

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