GTA 6: Characters We’d Love to See in the Sequel

On the day of the release of GTA 6, there are characters that we would like to see come back. They have marked the old episodes and to see them again would be pleasant.

GTA 6 is still the talk of the town even though we know nothing about the game! The wait is long and the slightest element hypes the fans. This is becoming quite frustrating and it is now legitimate to worry about the future of GTA 6! However, we can hope to see the remaster trilogy by the end of the year after the postponement of the remake of GTA 5 in 2022.

Several leaks indicate that GTA 6 would take place in Vice City! The map would have leaked and seems to confirm this rumor even if we doubt its reliability. While some believe that Vice City is the next destination, others seem to think that we would rather go to the side of Rio de Janeiro. Once again, we must take all this with a pinch of salt until Rockstar officially communicates.

A return to Vice City would be welcome and we could find there some emblematic characters of the license. Even if we don’t know the period in which the game will take place, to see for example characters from the first Vice City coming back would be incredible! After having told you about the 9 destinations we would like to see in the next GTA, we decided to list 6 characters we would like to see come back in GTA 6!

The Truth – GTA San Andreas

The Truth is one of the emblematic characters of GTA San Andreas. He is already quite old in the game and if he returns to the side of Vice City, we could discover him in his youth. Again, it will depend on the time period chosen by Rockstar.

Ken Rosenberg – GTA Vice City

Finding good old Ken Rosenberg would make a lot of people happy! He is a key character in GTA Vice City who has always been very popular with the fans. If he returns, he will probably occupy a less important place but it will always be a pleasure to see him again.

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Lance Vance – GTA Vice City

Lance Vance is one of our 10 favorite characters in the history of GTA. He is a character that accompanies us throughout the game and that we will end up killing because of his betrayal.

We could find him before the events of GTA Vice City I or even why not in parallel.

Tommy Vercetti – GTA Vice City

With the rumors about a possible return to Vice City, everyone hopes to see Tommy again! Even if it’s only for a few missions, many fans would love to see this cult character from the GTA license again.

Trevor – GTA 5

In terms of chronology, Trevor is the most recent character. This psychopath that we all loved in GTA 5 would clearly bring a little more to the game. 

In case of return, it is unlikely that the game will take place in Vice City and even less in the same period as the first one. So wait and see!

Claude – GTA III

Claude is sometimes a forgotten character in the history of GTA! However, he is a very interesting protagonist that we would almost all like to see again! It’s hard to imagine a way to make him come back but Rockstar will find a solution if this option fits in its plans. Source:

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