Diablo 4 Producer Confirms That A Loot Filter Is On The To-Do List

Visit U7buy for the best deals on Diablo 4 gold and fast deliveries! U7buy have official confirmation that one of the most requested Diablo 4 features is in development. We are talking about the loot filter. The decision to leave this feature out puzzled many players. Most games of this type have a loot filter. It is weird that one of the most popular ARPGs is missing it. Nevertheless, we now know that a loot filter is coming to the game. The question is when will this happen?

Diablo 4 Executive Confirms Loot Filter via Social Media

The official confirmation came via Twitter, or should we say X given that seems to be the new name of the controversial social platform. Rod Fergusson who serves as the Diablo 4 producer since 2020 responded to a community tweet confirming that a loot filter is coming. When questioned by a player if the game will ever have a loot filter, Fergusson replied with “Definitely part of our backlog”. While this isn’t the complete answer we were hoping for, it is reassuring to know that the developers are considering and taking steps toward fulfilling the request for such a feature.

What does being on the backlog means? That’s what the Diablo 4 players are trying to figure out. It could mean many things. It may mean that the team is already working on the feature and it would be implemented into the game in the next couple of months. Other players are not that optimistic and they believe that it may take a few more seasons until we get to see the feature in the game. In the worst-case scenario, active development has not started yet. All we have is a confirmation that a loot filter is planned. We don’t really know if it is in the making. More details on this topic cannot come soon enough. On a more positive mode, the team is planning to address the elemental resistance issue in Season 2.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Revamps the Elemental Resistance Stat

We all know that the elemental resistance attribute is useless in its current state. Streamer Kripparrian and other members of the D4 community have proven that this attribute doesn’t have much value. The math shows that you would need an immense value for elemental resistance to be on par with armor and damage reduction. The elemental resistance attribute is based on Intelligence. This stat diminishes the damage received from elemental attacks. At least, that’s what the theory says. However, in practice, the reduction is insignificant compared to the reduction from armor. Long story short, there’s no point in upping your elemental resistance. That’s something that should change in Diablo 4 Season 2.

A developer has confirmed that reworked resistances are coming in Season 2. How exactly are they planning to do that has not yet been revealed. Theorycrafters have come up with possible solutions. Hopeful community members thought that Season 1 will have improved resistances, but that’s not the case. Season 2 is still months away, so we will have to deal with this issue for longer it would seem. We are glad that the developers have not turned a deaf ear to the players’ demands and they are working on a solution. A look for group tool was also requested, but the Diablo 4 team is keeping radio silence on this front. The game is only a few months old and we expect it to become better and better. That can only happen if the devs are listening to the player base. Are you looking for cheap Diablo 4 gold? Learn more on U7Buy right now!

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