Best Asian Food Near Me

Best Asian Food Near Me

Best Asian Food Near Me – If you’re looking for great Asian cuisine near me, you’ll find a few great options in New York City. Try Chicken Paitan by Ivan Ramen, which combines the flavors of New York and Japan. Pig + Khao is a Filipino-inspired Southeast Asian eatery with a minimalist menu and an Instagram-worthy aesthetic. The chicken noodle soup is one of the most popular dishes at Pig + Khao, while the pork buns are another great choice.

Port Kennedy Chinese Restaurant

For an authentic Asian meal, look no further than the Port Kennedy Chinese Restaurant in Perth, Western Australia. The restaurant’s menu includes popular favorites like beef in black bean sauce, honey chicken, sweet and sour pork, and seafood supreme. Other dishes include beef, lamb, squid, and omelettes. If you have a sweet tooth, you can order something from the dessert menu.

Ivan Ramen

If you’re looking for some delicious, authentic Japanese cuisine, you’ve probably heard about Ivan Ramen. This restaurant, a New York City staple, is bringing Japanese cuisine to Texas via pickup/delivery. Originally from Nebraska, it has four locations in Texas. The Fort Worth and Dallas locations opened in February and March, respectively. Now, the popular ramen has arrived in a mixed-use development in Austin. Its name was inspired by Ivan Orkin, a CIA-trained chef who is committed to sharing his culture and introducing new people to the Japanese cuisine.

Ivan Ramen is a Japanese restaurant that launched a few years ago in Tokyo. Its chef, Ivan Orkin, is a New Yorker and a native of Brooklyn. The menu fuses the traditional flavors of Japanese ramen with Americana and Jewish heritage. The atmosphere at Ivan Ramen is fun and casual. It’s open for lunch and dinner, and it’s a perfect spot to spend a lunch or dinner with friends.


The best Asian food near me isn’t hard to find in New York City, but Khe-Yo is a new restaurant from Laotian restaurateur Marc Forgione. His aggressively seasonal style is similar to Thai food, but with a funky, sour element. Forget about the fried rice or the spicy tofu, and head to the neighborhood where the restaurant is tucked away amid branded nail salons and baby gyms.

The menu features Laotian dishes that are made with local ingredients. For example, grilled quail on a stick is flavored with ginger and charcoal, while a giant bone filled with roasted marrow is a classic dish. The bang-bang sauce is particularly spicy. This food is meant to be shared and eaten together as a family. The bamboo ginger quail with gai-lan sauce and bang-bang sauce is an excellent choice.

Another Asian restaurant in NYC is Khe-Yo, which serves Bang-Bang red sauce on rice instead of bread. It’s a great place to eat a spicy beef dish. Other notable dishes include Bang-Bang rice, and Lhasa Tibetan Restaurant. While Lhasa is not open every day, it’s worth the effort. The staff are friendly and the prices are reasonable, so if you’re looking for an Asian food restaurant near you, Lhasa is a great place to check out. It’s not easy to find, but the food at this restaurant is excellent.

Whether you’re looking for Korean, Chinese, Thai, or Laotian food, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You’ll find authentic Asian cuisine throughout New York City. Just be sure to explore your options. With so many Asian restaurants in New York, you’ll be able to find something for everyone. No matter what your taste buds are craving, Khe-Yo will be the best Asian food near me.


If you’re looking for authentic Asian fare, look no further than Hortus in New York City. The restaurant offers a buffet with raw selections, starters, sides, and desserts. Entrees at Hortus include spicy spiced chicken, braised pork belly, and seabass. There’s also soju and iced tea to accompany your meal. It’s a cozy place with a 4.6 Google rating.

While most Chinese and Korean restaurants focus on a specific cuisine, Hortus’ modern Asian fusion menu celebrates global influences. The warm, open kitchen and savory cuisine showcase the diverse flavors of Asian countries. Because it emphasizes seasonal and sustainable sources, the menu is diverse and reflects the high-quality lifestyle of New Yorkers. Sushi and noodles are also available. Chinese dishes are also offered. Guests can also enjoy a drink at the bar.

If you’re looking for the best Asian food near me, Hortus is the place to go. The Michelin-rated restaurant serves Asian cuisines from Thailand, China, and Korea. The restaurant’s bi-level dining room and hidden garden offer an ideal atmosphere, no matter what the weather. In addition to serving authentic Asian fare, Hortus also offers a raw food menu. You can also enjoy a live band and enjoy the music while eating.


Atoboy is a contemporary, new concept in fine dining. Unlike Momofuku Ko or Le Bernardin, Atoboy offers attentive service, delicious Asian cuisine, and prix-fixe menus. It offers Korean-style fusion fare that is tailor-made to the moment. The atmosphere at Atoboy is relaxed yet sophisticated, with a casual, upscale vibe. You will have to make a reservation for dinner, though, and you’ll want to do this ahead of time.

Banchan, a small shareable dish included with traditional Korean meals, are served with banchan dishes at Atoboy. Former Jungsik chef de cuisine Junghyun Park also contributes to the menu. Atoboy offers a three-course tasting menu for $36. You can also choose from seasonal rice, which costs $2 more than white rice. The menu has more than 20 dishes, including a variety of banchan that will satisfy your appetite and taste buds.

Korean cuisine is experiencing a resurgence in New York City, with many Korean restaurants popping up across the country. Atoboy is one such restaurant, serving Korean fare in an elegant, minimalist environment. The three-course tasting menu is $46, with each dish priced at around $40. The menu is chock full of quality ingredients, artful presentation, and enormous flavors. Some dishes, like the yellowtail with gang doenjang and vibrant pink radishes, come as banchan-style small plates. Other dishes on the menu include sunchokes made with oyster mushrooms and black truffle.

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