5 Delicious New American Deli In Chicago

American Delis

If you’re looking for a delicious and hearty meal, you need look no further than an American deli. With a menu that ranges from classic sandwiches to innovative salads, these spots are perfect for anyone in search of a good meal.

Here are five of the best new American deli in Chicago:

  1. The Vienna Beef Company Deli: This deli is perfect for meat lovers who appreciate top-quality beef. They have a wide variety of specialty sandwiches, as well as some great side dishes.
  2. Pico’s Deli: If you’re looking for something unique and delicious, check out Pico’s Deli. They serve up some of the best Jewish cuisine in the city, made with fresh and local ingredients.
  3. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches: This sandwich chain is known for its Philly-style cheesesteaks and Deluxe Grilled Sandwiches. Delicious options abound here, whether you’re looking for a basic sandwich or something more elaborate.
  4. Schwartz’s Deli: If you’re craving something decadent, Schwartz’s Deli is the place to go. They serve up some of the best pastrami in the city, as well as other delicious deli classics.
  5. Noah’s Ark Deli: This deli is perfect for those who love to cook at home. They have a wide variety of ingredients and spices, so you can create your own delicious meals.

What is a Deli?

A deli is a type of food establishment that primarily specializes in cold cuts, cheese, and other prepared foods. In the United States, delis are most commonly found in major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

A deli is a type of restaurant that specializes in sandwiches and other foods that are typically cold or served at room temperature. Delis are a popular type of restaurant in the United States, and many American cities have a few local delis that are well-known for their sandwiches. Some of the best delis in Chicago include The Sandwich Shoppe, Joe’s Deli, and Jimmy John’s.

The History of Delis

Delis have been a part of Chicago culture for centuries. The first deli was opened in 1837 and since then, the city has seen a proliferation of delis, many of which are now considered classics. In fact, there are currently 33 delis in Chicago, each with its own unique charm and culinary traditions.

Some of the most popular delis in Chicago include Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria and Deli, Gino’s East Pizza & Deli, Mister Softee, Johnny Rockets, Village Pantry Deli, El Rey Taqueria Mexican Grill and Deli, Quiznos Subs & More Deli Grocery Store and Frank’s Pizza & Pasta. All of these restaurants offer delicious food and interesting history that is worth exploring.

If you’re looking for a delicious sandwich or pizza fix near downtown Chicago, be sure to check out one of the city’s iconic delis!

What to expect at a Deli

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique meal, head to a new American deli in Chicago. These eateries offer an array of sandwiches, salads, soups, and desserts that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Some of the highlights at these delis include the Philly cheese steak sandwich, which is made with thinly sliced beef and provolone cheese on a toasted hoagie bun. Or try the Grilled Cheese sandwich – melted cheese sandwiched between two slices of bread. There’s also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available, as well as gluten-free items for those with dietary restrictions.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick lunch or an elaborate dinner, check out one of these delicious delis in Chicago!

The Menu at a Deli

When you’re in the mood for a sandwich, there’s no need to go far from home. In fact, some of Chicago’s newest and most exciting delis offer some of the best sandwiches in the city. From Naked Cowboy to The Grit, here are five new American deli to check out:

  1. Naked Cowboy Deli – This deli offers up some of the most unique and delicious sandwiches in town. Head over to their Lincoln Park location for options like the Grilled Cheese with Bacon BBQ sauce or the Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of crispy potatoes.
  2. The Grit – This restaurant is quickly becoming one of Chicago’s favorite spots for brunch. The Grit offers everything from eggs benedict to bacon wrapped dates wrapped in prosciutto, and they know how to make a sandwich too. Try their stacked turkey club or their namesake, The Gritburger – which combines roasted turkey, melted cheese, and bacon on a grilled bun.
  3. Bangers & Mash – This North Side deli is known for its bangers and mash – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other great sandwiches as well! Check out their beef option with truffle mayo or try their salmon version instead.
  4. Ralphs Grocery Store Sandwiches – If you’re looking for something more classic than anything on this list, head over to Ralphs Grocery store for some amazing sandwiches. From the turkey and bacon combo to the Italian sub, there’s something for everyone.
  5. Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches – If you’re in the mood for a bite but don’t have time to make a sandwich yourself, head over to Jimmy John’s for some of the best sandwiches in town. From their classic turkey & cheese to their inventive options like the Butternut Squash & Bacon sandwich, you’re sure to find something you love.

How to Order at a Deli

With so many delicious American deli in Chicago, it can be tough to decide which to try. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide on how to order at a deli so you can get the best food and service possible!

When ordering at a deli, it is important to consider exactly what you want. Most delis offer either sandwiches or salads, but there are also many that offer both options. For those who are indecisive, most delis offer some sort of sampler plate that allows customers to try a variety of items from the menu.

Once you know what you want, the next step is to determine your budget. Delis vary in price quite a bit, but most tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum. In addition, many delis offer specials throughout the day that may be worth checking out.

Finally, it is important to note that not all delis are open 24/7. Many close around 2 or 3pm during the week, and some close altogether at night. It is always worth calling ahead before making a trip out to see which deli is currently open!

Eating Out at a Deli

Chicago has a number of delicious new American delis, perfect for grabbing a sandwich or salad on the go. From humble beginnings in small kitchens, these delis have grown into some of the most popular eateries in town, and they all have something special to offer.

Some of the best delis in Chicago are The Original Mike’s Deli, which was founded in 1965, and Harry & David’s, which was founded in 1984. Both venues offer unique sandwiches and salads that can’t be found at any other restaurant in town.

Another great option is Pizano’s Deli. This deli has been open since 1936 and is known for its Gouda cheese steaks and pastrami sandwiches. If you’re looking for something more classic, try Maxwell Street Deli, which opened in 1913 and offers traditional Jewish delicacies such as chopped liver, matzo ball soup and bagels with lox.

Whatever your craving may be, there’s a great American deli waiting for you in Chicago.


Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, world-famous beef steaks, and mouthwatering hot dogs. But what about the delis? There are plenty of tasty options out there if you’re looking for something a little different from the traditional sandwich fare. From gourmet subs to hearty salads, these five new American deli in Chicago have something for everyone. So whether you’re in the mood for a PB&J or a falafel wrap, these delis will have you satisfied.

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