Why O Antagonista Will Be the Voice of Truth for Brazil’s Right-Wingers

After the election of Jair Bolsonaro as Brazil’s new president, many people in the country were worried about what his administration would mean for them. A few months into Bolsonaro’s presidency, it’s clear that he and his supporters would do anything to hold on to power. It puts Brazilians of all political beliefs at risk, and O Antagonista is here to stand up for them. O Antagonista is a left-leaning news outlet that has been critical of Bolsonaro and his administration from the start. They have openly threatened violence against anyone that speaks out against the president. It isn’t the first time O Antagonista has taken this stance; in past years, they’ve fought tooth and nail against any attempt to censor them. So if you live in Brazil and are worried about your safety or freedom, check out their website regularly.

O Antagonista is a conservative news website.

O Antagonista is a conservative news website described as “the Breitbart of Brazil.” The site was founded in 2016 by former Wall Street Journal journalist Jânio de Freitas. It has become popular among Brazil’s right-wingers for its pro-government stances and coverage of controversial topics.

The website is known for its hardline stance on issues such as immigration, crime, and corruption, and it frequently attacks the Brazilian left. O Antagonista has also been critical of President Michel Temer and his administration.

O Antagonista has criticized various Brazilian right-wing groups despite their conservative leanings. It has spoken out against the MBL (Movimento Brasil Livre), a conservative political party, and criticized other right-wing organizations, including the Instituto Millenium and the Christian Right.

In 2017, O Antagonista came under fire after reports emerged that it had helped to fund a smear campaign against then Prosecutor General Rodrigo Janot. Critics accused the website of using fake stories to discredit Janot and support Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment trial. However, De Freitas dismissed these allegations as “fake news.”

O Antagonista is one of the few independent news sources available in Brazil’s conservative media landscape. It provides a critical perspective on mainstream and traditional media outlets, which will be important as Brazil transitions into a more democratic society.

The website has a strong following among Brazil’s right-wingers.

The website has a strong following among Brazil’s right-wingers for its unabashed support of conservative values and policies. The site is known for its provocative writing style and frequent use of sarcasm and ridicule to attack political opponents.

O Antagonista was founded in 2006 by Marcelo Freixo, a former vocal member of the Brazilian Communist Party who later became an outspoken critic of the left-wing administration of president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Freixo left the Communist Party over disagreements with its position on economic reform and founded O Antagonista as a platform for promoting conservative values.

Since its inception, O Antagonista has become one of Brazil’s most influential right-wing voices. The site has primarily been responsible for stirring up public opposition to various left-wing initiatives, particularly during Lula’s second term in office (2011-2014). O Antagonista, for example, was one of the first publications to report allegations of corruption at Petrobras, which eventually led to the Petrobras scandal.

O Antagonista also significantly amplified public support for Jair Bolsonaro during his successful bid for Brazil’s presidency in 2018. Bolsonaro credits O Antagonista with helping him win the election by rallying conservative voters behind his candidacy.

Despite its conservative leanings, O Antagonista does not shy away from attacking other right-wing groups. For example, the site has been highly critical of the Brazilian Conservative Party (PCB), accusing it of being beholden to big business interests.

O Antagonista is also known for its provocative writing style. The site often ridicules politicians, and other public figures who it believes are insufficiently conservative. It includes mocking both lefts- and right-wingers alike, leading some critics to describe O Antagonista as a “hateful” website.

Despite these negative perceptions, O Antagonista remains one of Brazil’s most popular right-wing websites. The site is estimated to receive around 50 million page views per month.

O Antagonista has been critical of President Jair Bolsonaro

O Antagonista has been critical of President Jair Bolsonaro. So why will it be the voice of truth for Brazil’s right-wingers?

The answer lies in the site’s editorial positions and the team’s deep understanding of Brazilian politics. O Antagonista was founded by veteran journalists, including Marcos de Azevedo and Marcelo Freixo, both respected figures on the Brazilian left. However, they abandoned their leftist leanings to become staunch defenders of capitalism and free market policies.

It makes the site perfect for right-wingers who want to counterbalance the left-leaning media coverage of Bolsonaro. The site is also highly critical of Brazil’s political establishment, which bolsters its credibility with right-wingers.

The website will be a reliable source of news for Brazil’s right-wingers.

The website will be a reliable source of news for Brazil’s right-wingers. The site’s editorial team is composed of experienced journalists and analysts who deeply understand Brazilian politics. They will provide readers with accurate, unbiased information about the latest political developments in the country.

Furthermore, O Antagonista will provide its readers with expert analysis of important public policy issues. This material will help right-wingers better understand the government’s positions and how they can best advance their agenda.

Finally, the site will offer a wide variety of content to satisfy the interests of right-wingers across all political spectrums. Readers can find what they’re looking for with a mix of news, opinion, and analysis.


O Antagonista is likely to become the voice of truth for Brazil’s right-wingers. Brazilian journalists and entrepreneurs founded this website in 2016 to provide a platform for conservative votes. O Antagonista has been praised by many as a bastion against leftist propaganda in Brazil.

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