Why is a Teleprompter App Important For Your Sales And Marketing Team?

Are teleprompter online apps worth it for sales and marketing teams today? This is one of the many questions that we get from our clients, who are mostly marketers and sales reps.

Today, the sales and marketing teams are very crucial to every business organization. These teams help to bridge the gap between your company’s products or services and the needs of your potential buyers. Marketing and sales teams play several different roles in their organization. One of them includes creating recorded video sales messages, which prospects can easily click, watch, and engage with.

Today, sales and marketing teams have a variety of tools, which they can use to create recorded video sales messages. One of these tools is a teleprompter app, such as Scriptively. Read on to discover why Scriptively is important and how to start taking advantage of it for your sales video messages.

Why should you use video in your sales messages?

Here’s a quick question; why should your sales and marketing reps shift toward using recorded videos in your sales messages?

  • With recorded video sales messages, do you know you can always boost sales and conversions among your buyers? Well, video sales messages don’t have any negative effect on how you describe your products in text or pictures. Instead, it helps to boost your sales, as it allows many of your customers and prospects to engage with your products.
  • According to a recent study, roughly 83% of business owners agree that video marketing is an effective way to achieve a greater boost in their return on investment (ROI). With recorded video sales messages, which you can always create with the right teleprompter app, you can easily attract more potential buyers to your products or services.
  • Another big benefit of using recorded video sales messages is to engage your customers. Today, customer engagements won’t only benefit your buyers and prospects. In addition, it’ll also benefit your brand by enhancing your customer experience.

Challenges of using recorded video sales messages

We can’t talk about the benefits of using recorded video sales messages without speaking about the challenges that sales and marketing reps (especially newbies) face when creating their videos.

Below are a few challenges you might face and why using the right teleprompter app, such as Scriptively, will help:

  1. Lack of consistency

Today, lack of consistency is one of the biggest drawbacks of using recorded videos in your sales process. When creating your videos, you need to be very very consistent in delivering valuable content with no errors. One way to get the best of your video sales messages and remain consistent is by using a suitable teleprompter app.

It’s simple; with Scriptively, you won’t only be able to record your sales videos. In addition, this app will also make you become concise and create straight-to-point messages that increase your customers’ and prospects’ retention. It also allows you to scroll through your videos to spot errors and make adjustments where necessary. All these things will help you remain consistent when recording your sales messages.

  1. Lack of creativity 

A lack of creativity can also ruin the effectiveness of your recording video sales messages. With the right teleprompter app, you’ll have better and more creative ways of creating your videos. It allows your sales and marketing presenters to read their messages while maintaining direct eye contact with the audience. This app also allows them to practice first, then use the best take to come across professionally when delivering sales messages.

  1. Scripting issues

Scripting in video sales messages is not a bad idea if you follow the best practices. Scripting is a very good way to present your impromptu messages. However, many sales and marketing reps forget that a scripted sales message can seem untrustworthy if not done the right way. The best way is to edit the script to your own way of speaking and to practice it until it become second nature. 
One of the best ways to use scripts in sales videos is by using the Scriptively teleprompter app. It’s pretty simple; this app will help your presenters deliver sales messages by reading directly from a script in a way that your audience won’t suspect. As long as your script is well prepared, you will communicate naturally and authentically when using Scriptively or your preferred teleprompter app.

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