What are the types of term loans and how to apply for your business?

Term Loan

If you are seeking funds, be it for starting a fresh business, expanding your present business, or managing regular business expenses, you should definitely have heard of the diverse types of term sort of loans. A single term loan is tailor-made to fulfil the particular financial requirement of a business.

Remember that a term sort of loan is comparatively the most uncomplicated kind of business loan. You simply borrow a specific amount from the lender and, then in return, agree to simply pay back the loan amount along with interest over a decided period. Payments usually get made every month. Remember that the lenders, ,most of the times banks or specialized institutions, assess the overall borrower’s financial condition before lending the pennies. Crucial perks of a term type of loan are flexibility in repayment, even quick disbursal of funds, and minimal documentation.

The types

Since you know now what really a term sort of loan, you should also know the kinds of term sort of loans to make an informed business decision. These loans are classified based on the overall loan tenor, i.e., the overall period you require the funds for. Therefore, the types of term sort of loans are namely: short-term, medium term and long term loans.


A short-term loan is mostly for 1 to 2 years. This is often required to fulfil the day-to-day business needs or even the business’s working capital requirements. There are manifold sources of short-term loans, encompassing a loan from a commercial bank, trade credit, even discounting bills of exchange, factoring, as well as more. Remember that these short-term loans have higher interest
rate if you compare them to long-term loans.


A medium-term type of loan is usually for a period of two to five years and can be believed to be a hybrid of short and long sort of term loans. This is a loan is often taken for performing repair or renovation of the fixed asset. As an example , modernizing the showroom.

Long term

These types of loans are for more than five years. Most of the long-term sort of loans are secured, for example , home loans, car loans, and even loans against property. Since the loan stays secured, the rate of interest is somewhat also lower. However, it may be unsecured too. In an unsecured sort of loan, no collateral or asset gets needed, but the rate of interest stays comparatively higher as the lender bears higher risk.

Invest in a business loan today!

You can look for a term type of loan for your business today. You can check out interest rate for business loan and go for the one that fulfils your need. It is not at all a challenging task to get the loans for your business. You just fulfil the documentation requirement and check your eligibility and you are good to go.


To sum up, once you have the right loan on your side, you can be sure that you get the perfect term type of loan for your business and take it to places.

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