Waterproof Fairy Lights Which You Can Buy, are they really waterproof?


The recently built summer cottage in the yard recently had some stunning weatherproof fairy lights installed beneath the eaves. While they look wonderful, Fusion Lighting Australia wanted to ensure that they were suitable for outdoor use, therefore they need waterproof fairy lights.

Fairy lights are waterproof for outdoor use if they have a rating for hanging on structures and trees in the yard or a rating for being continuously submerged in water, like in a garden pond. Using fairy light outside is dangerous if they don’t have these ratings.

Let’s explore more closely into fairy light waterproofing and learn what safety ratings to look for when purchasing them.

Can Fairy Lights Be Used Outside?

Simple outdoor decorative light called “fairy lights” are made for this purpose. They resemble string lights in appearance but contain smaller, more closely placed bulbs. Consequently, comparing fairy lights to Christmas light is the most relevant comparison. Despite coming in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes, white and tiny bulbs are the most common.

My fairy lights are waterproof, but are they?

Because they frequently have ratings for both general protection and submersion in water, most fairy lights are waterproof (more on these ratings below). You need to take this precaution because the majority of the time your fairy light will be used outside, which lowers the chance of damage.

To find out if fairy lights are really secured in this way when you purchase them, look at the label. The list of package properties must indicate if the lights are waterproof.

Are Copper Fairy Light Available?

Copper fairy light are a popular option that looks fantastic in many different settings, despite being more expensive. Copper wiring is used extensively because it can be twisted and moulded into a variety of shapes. Because of this, creating a variety of lovely patterns with them is simple, especially for Christmas. But do they withstand water? Here’s a solution to the issue.

The solar panel won’t be able to convert enough energy to replenish the battery if it is too small for the battery in the solar fairy light controller. It won’t have any trouble recharging the battery if the battery is too tiny and the solar panel is too big for it, but the solar fairy lights might not stay lit for very long—some for as little as six hours.

The second digit denotes the light string’s resistance to low water pressure. Because they can withstand water from any angle, your lights should be protected from the majority of rain, snow, and ice. This grade applies to all wire-containing devices, not simply lighting. For instance, due to their IP65 rating, many speakers provide the same level of protection as these fairy lights.


Last but not least, make sure that any fairy light you choose for outdoor use have waterproofing certification. This will guarantee that you are ok for standard outside use in wet climate. Make sure your fairy light have a rating for continuous use underwater to depths of over one metre if you intend to place them in water, such as a pond or water feature.

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