Water Heater Service: Everything You Should Know Before Repairing or Replacing Your Heating System

Today, you can’t overlook the importance of having a good working water heater in your home. This system is designed to help provide hot water, especially during the winter months. Like other home units, however, water heaters also have their issues. They may become damaged due to many reasons. When this happens, one of the best solutions is to hire a reliable water heater service provider to either repair the damaged system or replace it completely.

Here’s a quick question; when is the right time to replace or repair a damaged water heating system? Read further to discover all you should know about this heater-related question and a few others.

3 Warning signs to know it’s time to hire a suitable water heater service company

1. Leakage 

Is your water heater system currently leaking? If yes, you need to understand that many factors can always cause this kind of issue. One common cause of this problem is a failing or damaged pressure relief valve.

Normally, the pressure relief valve is designed to prevent the buildup of pressure in the water tank. However, when this valve fails to deliver as expected, hot water leakage may occur. Apart from damaged pressure relief valves, hot water leakage may also surface due to corrosion inside the water tank.

Hiring a reliable water heater service provider, such as Billy Go, is the only effective way to understand why the heater is leaking. After inspection, this company will provide you with a lasting solution (water heater repair or replacement) to this issue.

2. Does the temperature fluctuate?

Another common issue with water heater systems is temperature fluctuations. If you’re currently experiencing this problem, note that it may be a warning sign that the pressure-balancing valve is faulty. The best thing to do in this situation is to call a local plumber for inspection, water heater repair, or replacement.

3. Do you often run out of hot water?

If yes, this could also be a warning sign that one or more components of your heating system are faulty or damaged. Before thinking about replacing or repairing the system, you need to first hire a reliable Dallas heating system service provider for inspection.

When should you consider calling for water heater repair service?

You can only answer this question after a reliable plumber, such as Billy Go, has successfully inspected the system. If the problem is relatively minor and fixable with a simple repair, the water heater service provider will surely let you know.

Water heater repair is way better that replacing the entire system for a new unit. Apart from saving costs, this option will only disrupt your daily routine for a short period. However, we won’t advise you to repair the system if you’ll still encounter the same issue in a short period.

Key factors that can influence your decision today 

Should you consider a water heater repair replacement solution? The answer to this question depends, to a large extent, on the following factors:

  • First, is the water heater close to the end of its lifespan, which is usually around 20 years? If yes, we’ll advise you to go for the water heater replacement option instead.
  • How many times exactly have you repaired the system in the past years? If your answer is “too many times,” we’ll advise you to forget about water heater repair and buy a new unit instead.
  • Do you need to increase the capacity of your system to accommodate more people at home? If yes, buying a new product is the ideal solution.

Regardless of your decision (water heater repair or replacement), Billy Go is one reliable company you can contact today to get a long-lasting solution to your heating system issues. This company has a team of licensed plumbers that can help you handle your replacement or repair project in Dallas, Frisco, Lewisville, and many other cities in Texas. You can visit the official page today to learn more about other 24 hours heating services that this company offers.

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