Unwrapping Pietramar Embalagens: A Green Glimpse into 45.775.826 Evandro Luiz Cachoeiro De Itapemirim

A Fresh Start in Espírito Santo

On 03/24/2022, nestled in the vibrant city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Espírito Santo, Pietramar Embalagens opened its doors for business. With the dedication of its responsible entrepreneur, 45.775.826 Evandro Luiz Pietralonga, the company heralded a new era for the local retail trade.

A Peek into Pietramar Embalagens

A micro company representing the essence of ambition and hard work, Pietramar Embalagens boasts of a corporate identity closely tied to its trade name. Holding the CNPJ registration of 45.775.826/0001-60, it’s evident that attention to detail and legal compliance aren’t taken lightly.

The Business Backbone

With a seed capital of BRL 30,000.00, Pietramar Embalagens began its journey. As a matrix-type company, its essence is serving the community with a prime focus on the retail trade of goods, predominantly food products. It includes staples in minimarkets, grocery stores, and warehouses. The business actively contributes to the local economy and community within a year and a few months.

Contact and Correspondence

Whether you’re a supplier, a curious customer, or someone looking to engage in business collaboration, Pietramar Embalagens is just an email or phone call away. And for those who appreciate the charm of written correspondence or a face-to-face meeting, their address at Avenida Jones dos Santos Neves, in the Maria Ortiz neighborhood, awaits your presence.

In the Heart of Espírito Santo

Located strategically in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, the business enjoys being in one of the state’s bustling hubs. With a postal code of 29301-455, they’re right where the action is, ensuring they stay connected with the pulse of the market and its ever-evolving demands.

Eco-Conscious and Engaging

Pietramar Embalagens not only offers quality but also emphasizes an eco-friendly approach. In today’s age of environmental awareness, businesses that lean towards sustainability find a special place in the hearts of consumers.

The Man Behind the Mission

Evandro Luiz Pietralonga isn’t just a name on the registration papers; he’s the driving force of the enterprise. As the qualified individual responsible for the company, his role extends beyond mere oversight. He embodies Pietramar Embalagens’ values: expertise, trustworthiness, and a dedication to serving the community.

In Conclusion: A Promise of Growth and Sustainability

The journey of 45.775.826 Evandro Luiz Cachoeiro de Itapemirim’s Pietramar Embalagens is an inspiration. It tells a tale of commitment, eco-conscious choices, and the undying spirit of entrepreneurship. As the company continues its stride, one can expect an unwavering dedication to quality, freshness, and community engagement.

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