Unraveling 45.414.969 Neiton Ataide Miranda Da Belem


Jn Entregas, a name perhaps recently heard by many in the business ecosystem of Pará, has quickly grown in prominence. But who exactly is the driving force behind this enterprise, and what do you need to know about its trajectory so far? In this comprehensive review, we will explore the inception, growth, and modus operandi of Jn Entregas under the leadership of its founder, 45.414.969 Neiton Ataide Miranda da Belem.

A Glimpse into the Genesis

  • Foundation Date: Established on 02/23/2022, Jn Entregas is a brainchild of Neiton Ataide Miranda da Belem. Though relatively young at one year, six months, and 23 days, the firm has already made its mark.
  • The Legal Perspective: Registered under CNPJ: 45.414.969/0001-47, Jn Entregas operates as a “Businessman (Individual)” legal entity. It’s essential to acknowledge that the company has opted for the ‘Simple’ taxation regime since its inception.
  • Financial Overview: With a share capital of R$ 30,000.00, Jn Entregas stands tall as a matrix-type small business.

What Does Jn Entregas Offer?

  • Core Competence: According to federal IRS records, Jn Entregas specializes in 53.20-2-02 – Fast delivery services. In an age of digital transformation and the rise of e-commerce, such services are crucial for businesses and customers alike, offering convenience and reliability.

Contact Points and Location

  • Getting in Touch: Neiton can be reached at salesneilton@hotmail.com or (91) 98921-3897 for those interested in collaborating or seeking services.
  • The Headquarters: Jn Entregas is nestled in Belém’s Mangueirão neighborhood. The exact address for correspondence is Conjunto Augusto Montenegro III 3, Mangueirão, Belém, PA, with the postal code 66640-677.

Final Thoughts

Jn Entregas, under the vigilant leadership of 45.414.969 Neiton Ataide Miranda da Belem, is undoubtedly a name to watch in the delivery services sector. Their journey, though in its early stages, promises potential and success, particularly in the bustling market of Pará. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur seeking inspiration or a potential client, understanding such businesses’ foundations and growth trajectories can provide both knowledge and opportunity.

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