Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Headset Review

If you’re looking for a gaming headset that can provide a powerful sound, outstanding comfort, and dynamic function, then the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Headset is the way to go. With all of its unique features, you’ll be amazed at how well this headset performs. Read on to learn more about this great headset. We’ll take a look at some of its most impressive features:

Sound quality

The wireless gaming headset from Turtle Beach, the Elite800, offers superior sound quality. It was made especially for online multiplayer games. The boomstick many other gaming headsets have is absent from the microphones located inside the ear cups. The headset has multiple modes for various sound environments, including regular, loud, and outside. Using Audacity, we tested these headphones to hear the difference between inside and outdoor sound. Multiple sound options, including 5.1 surround sound, are available on the Elite 800.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless offers excellent sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity. Its magnetic charging stand eliminates the need for a power cord, allowing the headset to be charged while you play. However, the headset does not deliver excellent noise-canceling capabilities, and some users complained about sound leakage and poor bass. If you don’t care about the noise cancellation and clarity of your audio, you may be better off with another model.

Although the Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless gaming headset is expensive, it offers many additional features. The headset supports Turtle Beach’s audio hub, allowing users to create individual sound profiles. The Elite 800 also supports a wireless charging dock. The Elite 800 may be used for extended periods without causing any discomfort, unlike some gaming headphones. Noise cancellation and adjustable earcups are characteristics of the headset. The Elite 800 additionally has a microphone monitoring option.

Although the Elite 800 wireless gaming headset may not appeal to gamers, they provide excellent sound quality for the price. If you are looking for headphones that are perfect for gaming or traveling, the Elite 800X headphones are worth considering. Despite the extra cost, they are worth every penny. Getting one is perfectly acceptable, and you might even be surprised. If you’re serious about your game’s audio quality, the Elite 800 headphones are the right choice.

While the Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless gaming headset is not perfect, it offers plenty of comforts and powerful audio. The headset’s active noise cancellation (ANC) technology blocks ambient noise to give you crystal-clear sound quality. This feature is handy for gamers who play games in noisy environments. It reduces the background noise your brain receives, allowing you to focus on your game and play it at the highest level.

Battery life

The Battery life of Turtle Beach Elite800 wireless gaming headphones is impressive. While the Elite800 can last ten hours, it requires regular charging. To charge the headset, you connect it to a micro USB port, which automatically recharges the battery when not used. The magnetic ear cups keep them in place when docked. The Elite800 is compatible with several devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The Elite 800X headset is one of the best on the market, and the price is reasonable. It offers 7.1 surround sound, wireless chat, and magnetic docking. The Elite 800X comes with several sounds presets and a magnetic charging station. Battery life is surprisingly good, and the transmitter doubles as a magnetic charging dock. Unlike many others, the Elite 800X headset is made to last 10 hours.

The distinctive audio features of the Elite 800 are a plus. Since the headset has a built-in microphone, chatting with others without stuttering is easier. The microphone’s dynamic chat enhancement can help incoming vocals. Additionally, you may modify the bass and treble sensitivity, which is particularly helpful when playing video games. Battery life is a fantastic element to consider if you’re looking for a high-quality headset.

The Elite 800 Wireless has an excellent price-to-value ratio and is a well-designed product. Another positive feature of the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless is the microphone. Its wireless support and active noise cancellation make it an excellent choice for gameplay. However, it does suffer from low sound isolation and lacks stability in extreme sports. If sound quality is your top priority, you might consider another model, like the Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless is an excellent choice for gamers. While it comes with a high price tag, the sound quality and comfort make it a perfect headset for long hours of play. Battery life is also essential, as the Elite 800 will not last very long. The Elite 800 will last an impressive fifteen hours, but it’s still best to check the battery life before purchasing.


The Turtle Beach Elite800 is a high-end gaming headset that lets you hear everything around you, including your surroundings. The Elite800’s array of features gives you superhuman hearing, allowing you to avoid distractions and stay focused on your game. They are compatible with various gaming systems, including PS Vita(TM) and Xbox. You can also charge them using the included magnetic charging stand.

There are several ways to customize the headset’s features. A large portion of the design includes a charging dock and adjustable ear cups for a customized fit. The Elite 800 has excellent battery life, depending on whether you use Bluetooth or Active Noise Cancellation. However, battery life is never an issue, even when you’re using everything at once. The Elite 800’s range is not as good as the Turtle Beach 500P, but it’s still pretty good and can go 20 feet through walls and up to 30 feet.

If you’re interested in getting a Turtle Beach gaming headset, you may want to check out the Elite 800X, which is set to hit stores in the spring. While most gaming headsets don’t feature dedicated cable input, the Elite 800’s soft-touch controls make it easy to control media and switch tracks. In addition, these headphones come with a magnetic charging dock that doubles as a headphone dock when not in use.

The Elite 800 has eight substandard buttons. Fortunately, it supports swappable speaker plates. The Elite’s eight buttons are located on the ear cups. The left-hand buttons are for the game volume. The right-hand earcups are for the chat volume. Despite the subpar controls, Elite’s wireless headphones have a wide range of features and a high-quality audio experience.

One drawback to the Turtle Beach Elite 800 is the lack of virtual surround sound. The Elite is not suitable for games that require directional audio cues. However, it sounds excellent in games such as Persona 4 Royal and Risk of Rain 2.

Active noise cancellation

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headphones have several advantages. These include wireless functionality, a magnetic charging stand, and Active Noise Cancellation. They also work with Xbox One and PS4 and have full chat functionality. However, despite these features, they still suffer from problems plaguing wired headphones. They don’t provide enough comfort and stability, which makes them a poor choice for gamers who enjoy active, fast-paced gameplay.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless gaming headset is a powerful device that delivers high-quality sound and adequate comfort. Another unique feature is Active Noise Cancellation, which eliminates ambient noise. This feature is beneficial when gaming in noisy environments. Active Noise Cancellation works by reducing background noise that enters the human brain. By decreasing this background noise, you can hear the game better and have more focus.

The Elite 800 supports the Turtle Beach audio hub and has more features than the Stealth 600 and 700. It has preloaded chat prests and games, and you can adjust the volume of your microphone and choose from various preset audio options. The software for the Elite 800 is not as intuitive as its competitors, but it gives you sufficient control over the different functions of the headset. Battery life is excellent, but it’s shorter than the Stealth 800 wireless.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800X offers 7.1 surround sound and fully wireless chat. The elegant design makes this a good option for gamers on the go, and the headset has a variety of sound presets. The transmitter, which doubles as a docking station, has a micro-USB port that can charge the headset. If you’re looking for wireless gaming headsets, keep an eye out for the Elite 800X, which should be available somewhere in the spring.

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