Getting a dog leash for your dog may not look all difficult until you step into a pet store having an entire stocked up with leashes of different styles and designs. Pet leashes and collars are designed in various materials and styles, ranging from leather and nylon to retractable and hands-free designs. 

Is your dog the pulling type? Then a short leash would be a better option as it gives more control to you. Going for a walk to run with your dog? Opt for a hand-free leash as it’ll always allow for mobility while always having your dog by your side. Planning on buying a dog collar leash and harness for your pet today? Well, we were able to put together essential things you’ll need to consider.


Before you go for a purchase, there are certain things you should always have in mind. These include;

  • The law guiding your place of residence
  • Size and energy level of your dog
  • The level of freedom you want for your dog
  • The style and design you prefer 

Let’s have a close look at these

The law guiding your place of residence

Some communities have local laws about the way and how dogs have to be leashed. Before buying a leash, check the rules on pets and ensure the leash you purchase complies with them.

Size and energy level of your dog

The size of your dog also needs to be considered when buying a dog leash. A leash that is used for an Eskimo may not be able to handle a pitbull. Their sizes and strength levels are different. The larger the dog, the heavier the leash it can handle. 

Aside from this, you’ll also have to think about your strength when handling your dog. The longer the leash, the more likely it is to get pulled off by your pet. If your dog is the pulling type or the person going on a walk with him is weak, maybe a child or an elder, a shorter leash is a better option. 

Level of freedom you want for your dog

If your dog is still learning to walk on a leash or you plan on walking on a busy sidewalk, a shorter leash is preferable. But when your dog is well-behaved using a leash, and you prefer to walk in nature or an area with fewer people, you would want to give your dog the freedom of using a longer leash.

Style and design you prefer

As a dog owner and the same person holding the leash, your comfort should also be considered; each leash material has its pros and cons. For instance, though nylon leashes are popular and highly durable, a strong dog that tends to pull a lot may result in rope burn. 

Also, leather leashes which are soft but still strong, feels good in the hand but will demand extra care when they get wet. Aside from the leash’s material, ensure the leash chip and loop are the perfect sizes for your pup. Always choose a leash that’s easy to manage and maintain. 

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