Top 8 Tips on How to Look After Your Moto Gear for Your Ride

Your Moto Gear for Your Ride

Moto Gear – When it comes to maintaining your motorbike equipment, innumerable suggestions and advice are available. We do not doubt that you are the master of farkles, but do you maintain your motorcycle equipment with the same level of care as your vehicle? It can be tempting to throw your dirty boots or soiled leathers in the garage and put them away until the next ride. But proper care is imperative if you want to keep your equipment in top condition.

The clothing you wear when riding a motorcycle is made with much thought, technology, and work by manufacturers and designers of motorcycle gear. Below are the best tips that can help in the maintenance of the moto gear of your ride. 

8 Tips for Maintenance of the Moto Gear

Here’s how to maintain the equipment for your motorcycle.

1. Clean Your Helmet

Your helmet is the most crucial component of your motorcycle equipment, so clean it thoroughly every few months. Since the inner linings of most helmets are removable, washing your helmet is usually a simple process in the maintenance of the moto gear. You need to remove the lining and wash it. Washing it with baby shampoo is good because it is non-irritating and odorless. Use the towel to wipe away any road filth or dead bugs from your visor before letting it air dry.

2. Clean Your Motorcycle Suit

Now that your helmet is spotless, it’s time to look after your riding accessories in the process of maintenance of the moto gear. If you’re not a track rat or a motocross fanatic, the likelihood is that your gear is composed of textile. The most popular motorcycle jackets and pants are still made of textile; therefore, here is how to clean them.

3. Clean Your Jacket

Remove the inner lining first, then all of the armor pads. Ensure all the zippers and buttons are closed before washing the item. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations before you wash the jacket and pants. However, most textile riding suits may be cleaned in a washing machine. Just be sure to use a light detergent, a gentle cycle, and omit the fabric softener.

If the sweat and filth damaged your armor pads, wash them by hand in tepid water with soap before laying them out to dry on a towel. Shop your moto gear jacket from stores like Chrome Burner discount codes at affordable prices. 

After washing your riding pants and jacket, hang the outfit to dry naturally or use the dryer if you’re in a hurry. But make sure the temperature is set at a moderate level.

4. Making Gore-Tex waterproof

If the outer GoreTex layer on your riding apparel is present, machine-wash it in cold water and let it air dry. Please place the equipment in the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes when the equipment is dry. Ensuring the low heat setting will reactivate the GoreTex’s water repellent coating, keeping it waterproof.

5. Take Care of Your Jeans

The maintenance of the moto gear is much simpler if you typically wear your jeans when riding. People usually shop for quality moto gear jeans using the best discount codes. You need to take the armor pads off your pants and double-check that all the zips are closed, just as with a textile riding suit. 

6. Making Leather Motorcycle Suits Clean

You probably wear leather from head to toe if you’re too cool for clothing and frequent the racetrack. Since cleaning motorbike leathers is a little difficult, you can’t use the washing machine and tumble dryer as frequently as you do with Kevlar jeans or fabrics. However, no task is impossible. Whenever you come from riding a bike, don’t throw your suit away. Wash it right away, or keep it in a place to wash it whenever you have time for it. By taking care of your motorcycle suit, you can make the most out of it. 

7. Motorcycle leathers require special care.

Most manufacturers advise cleaning your leather clothing every three to four months. If all else fails, put your suit outside on a line and carefully hand-wash it in warm, soapy water. You can also use saddle soap containing lanolin and some light conditioning agents. The primary purpose of saddle soap was to clean and condition the saddles and bridles of horses. Additionally, it’s the ideal cleaning solution for your leather outfit. 

Let your leather dry after washing. Never dry leather using artificial heat sources since heat can easily destroy it. Finally, leather can break, so washing and drying it won’t be enough. Use a conditioning product as frequently as possible to maintain your leathers nice and supple.

Most motorcycle gloves may be washed in the washing machine and tumble-dried, which is the simple part. Make sure to wash your leather gloves with light detergent or soap, and don’t forget to use lukewarm water. 

8. Motorcycle Boot Cleaning

Lastly, your motorcycle boots require periodic washing, just like the rest of your riding attire. Some motorcycle boots have detachable soles or inner linings, particularly the motocross models. If it applies to yours, remove the soles and liner before throwing them in the washer. Use a hose to clean the boots’ exterior shell thoroughly.

On the other hand, your boots may rapidly become unpleasant to wear if you cannot remove the soles or the inner lining. Since bacteria are the source of bad odor, if you can’t wash them, trick them: drops of tea tree essential oil will kill germs and eliminate the smelly things in minutes.

Last Words

The maintenance of the moto gear is crucial to your safety and protection while riding a bike. Follow the above tips to take care of them because, without them, you’re very likely vulnerable to severe injuries and pain in case of an incident. 

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