Top 5 Ideas for Area Rug Color Selection

Through their features, area rugs give your room a sense of life and vitality. However, the main aspect of a rug that draws attention right away is color. The majority of the floor is covered in area rugs. They can occasionally overtake other features in a room because of their size. To achieve a cohesive interior design, color plays a significant role.

So how do you decide on the area rug’s color? Here, we offer some important advice for selecting an area rug’s color.

Advice on picking the ideal color for an area rug

Among the best advice for choosing an area rug’s color is as follows.

1. Must an area rug match the hue of the walls?

Since both components cover substantial areas, if they are not properly matched, they may occasionally work against one another and produce a wearying composition. Here, you have two choices.

In the first alternative, you can choose to play it safe by using one element that uses strong color and the other that stays in a delicate shade.

The second choice is to design a colorful and eclectic space where both the area rug and the walls feature vibrant hues. For those who value contrast and originality, this is a better choice.

2. Should a rug be the same hue as the carpet?

Both carpets and rugs have the same function of insulating and warming the space. However, area rugs are used in combination with carpets to add more detail and make an interior more visually appealing.

Area rugs must match the carpeting too, because they are designed to add artistic specifics to the floor and help a room look beautiful. However, take care not to oversaturate the area with patterns or colors.

3. Should a rug blend in with the room’s decor?

YES! A room’s area rug can also be considered a decorative element. As a result, it must be aligned with the other components of the room’s decor. This involves any unique interior decor used to spruce up the space, such as vases, wall art, small runner rugs, and throw blankets.

The primary goal is to blend and match the color tones of the area rug as well as the decorative items. Create designs that are balanced and easy on the eyes. Attempt to restrict the use of color to no more than five to prevent the decor from looking cluttered and exhausting to the eyes. Next, choose an area rug that complements the color of a frame, vase, or piece of wall art while enhancing the decor.

4. Must the rug match the pillows and curtains?

When you enter a room, pillows, and curtains immediately catch your attention. So, when selecting an area rug, they shouldn’t be disregarded. The same holds true if you decide to choose the area rug first and coordinate the pillows and curtains with it.

Typically, you can choose light-colored area rugs and monochromatic pillows or curtains for a calming interior design.

5. What hue of area rug goes best with dark hardwood floors?

For the two elements to stand out, lighter area rugs must be used on dark hardwood floors. The softer area rug will highlight the wood’s rich, striking color. Additionally, the rug will stand out more in the room because of the dark wood’s backdrop.

Dark hardwood floors can be covered with a natural-colored rug in shades of tan, cream, or brown. On a dark floor, green area rugs would also look good.Now you see! You can choose the best rug color for your home. At our home store, you will find area rugs in the material and color of your choice. Our handmade rug items, such as rug ivory and beige rug, may be the best choice for your home.

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