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Forensics is an essential part of every criminal justice system. It involves the use of various scientific strategies and software to investigate crimes and evidence presented in a court of law. As an investigator, when investigating a crime scene, you need many forensic tools and software to acquire the best crime scene results. For instance, you need the best crime scene measurement tools, such as fingerprint cards, inking rollers, ink & slabs, elimination kits, and many more.

Measuring tools aside, you also need some advanced forensic software tools, such as Cognitech’s best photogrammetry software and image enhancement software. But how do you go about choosing the right products for your forensic needs? Read further to find out everything you should know about this FAQ.

4 Factors to consider when purchasing the right forensic software

The right forensic software tools are essential for law enforcement agencies to solve various crimes, including child trafficking, kidnapping, sex abuse, drug trafficking, and cybercrime. As an investigator, the following factors will help you when choosing the best Cognitech forensic software.

1. Your needs

Of course, you can’t purchase any software without understanding why you need it. So, before you start shopping online for the best forensic video analysis software or image authenticator, you need to factor in your needs.

By understanding your needs, you’ll be able to pick one product from the many software tools available at Cognitech.

For instance, if you’re handling a case where position, perspective, and distance are essential, you need to choose forensic software that can deliver you an accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of the crime scene. In this case, all you need is the best photogrammetry software, such as AutoMeasure64®.

Here’s another illustration; imagine you are working on a case and you have video evidence (CCTV footage) for it. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is poor and you need to maximize it for the best results. In this case, all you need is to choose a forensic software tool that can help you maximize both the quality and clarity of video footage (evidence). All you need here is the best forensic video enhancement software, such as TriSuite64.

2. Your budget

Your budget is also an essential factor to consider when purchasing the right forensic software. First, you need to check your pocket and state how much you’re willing to invest in the tool. After that, what remains is to compare the prices of the various software products available to you.

3. Features

You need to understand that all forensic software products are never created the same way. Some only pack a few essential features. However, some software products, such as Cognitech’s image authentication software, are advanced and offer a host of amazing features. With these products, you’ll be able to solve various crime issues that come your way.

4. Training

The best forensic software tools out there will require you to have the right technical know-how. Before purchasing any product, you need to be sure you’ll get the necessary training to improve your skills. That aside; the training must be very easy to learn (even for a non-technical learner) and should come with a flexible schedule.

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