The Unsent Project

Do you remember your first love? If you do, then you’re not alone. Many people remember the person or the moment with incredible clarity, regardless of how long ago it was. The person you loved at the time probably doesn’t remember you. The present and our emotions at the time often shape our memories. That means that even if you and that person met again after years of separation, chances are they wouldn’t recognize you. To capture those lost moments and share them with others, writer and artist Amala Ratna Tripathi have created The Unsent Project. This collection of unsent text messages to first loves is a beautiful reminder of what might have been.

What is the Unsent Project?

As a way to capture the feeling of love and nostalgia, the project evolved into much more than that. The Unsent Project has been featured in publications all over the world and has even won awards. It is now an online sensation, with people from around the globe sharing their stories and love poems.

The Purpose of the Unsent Project

A collection of unsent texts to first loves is called The Unsent Project. The project started as a way to express the regrets that come with growing older, but it quickly became something much more. Now, the project is a way to connect with old feelings and share the stories behind them.

The Unsent Project began as a way for people to express their regrets after they grew older. However, over time, it has become something much more. People use the project to connect with old feelings and share their stories.

Many people use the Unsent Project for a variety of reasons. For some, it helps them remember old friends and relationships they’ve lost touch with, while for others, it helps them deal with unresolved emotions from past relationships. Exploring and expressing their feelings is always helpful regardless of why someone uses The Unsent Project.

How to Participate in the Unsent Project

Blogger and writer Chelsea Antinori started the project to reflect on the past and heal from the heartbreak those texts may have caused. Through sharing her experiences, Antinori hopes to allow others to reflect on their past relationships and find some closure.

To participate in the project, all you need is an old phone that you no longer use and access to the internet. Once you have your phone set up and ready, start sending/receiving texts to/from anyone that comes to mind – former crushes, friends from childhood, etc. The goal is for each participant to send or receive 50 texts.

The Unsent Project is open to anyone who wants to take part. If you’re brave enough, send/receive your text messages now!

Guidelines for Sending a Message in the Unsent Project

If you have ever harbored a secret hope that you might get the nerve to send that text message to your first love, now is the time. Artist Kaitlyn Greenidge creates the Unsent Project. Each piece is handwritten and adorned with delicate stickers.

The project includes texts from people who have never sent or received a text message, those who have broken up, and those who are still together. Some of the letters are heartbreakingly poignant, and others are simply funny. But all of them share one common theme: when these messages were meant to be sent but somehow never made it out of their respective phones.

The Unsent Project offers a unique glimpse into how we think about love and relationships—and how our thoughts can change over time. Whether you’re reminiscing about your first love or just curious about what others have written, The Unsent Project is worth checking out.


Everything we do nowadays is through a screen. Whether it’s our phones, laptops, or televisions, we’re always connected and constantly communicating with people. But what if there was a time when all of that was unnecessary? What if the only thing between you and the person you loved was the written word? Well, that’s what The Unsent Project is all about. As creator Aimee Mann says, “When I send these messages to my first loves they are unspoken,” which is precisely why they are so powerful.

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