The Town of Huntingdon is the new SAAQ dealer.

Think about your favorite car model. Now think about the towns that produced it. Chances are, you’re thinking of places like Detroit or Germany. But what about Huntingdon? Huntingdon is a small town in central Quebec home to the St-Louis-de-I’Isle factory, which produces the engines and other components for many of the world’s top auto brands. St-Louis-de-I’Isle is now the exclusive Canadian dealer for SAAQ, the national insurance company. This news surprises many people since Huntingdon is not well known outside Quebec. But it is a testament to the strength of the local economy and the quality of the local workforce.

What is SAAQ?

The Town of Huntingdon is the new SAAQ dealer in eastern Quebec. The town, which has just under 4,000 people, will be responsible for distributing and selling firefighting products throughout the region.

How the town became the new SAAQ dealer

Huntingdon, Alberta, became the new SAAQ dealer in central Alberta after the dissolution of the Calgary head office. Huntingdon was chosen as the new dealer because it has a strong agricultural base and is well-connected with other towns in central Alberta. The city has a population of just over 5,000 and is situated approximately 150 km west of Edmonton.

The town’s history dates back to 1875 when farming began. In 1899, the railway came to Huntingdon, and by 1903, the town had a post office and a population of almost 500 people. The original SAAQ building was built in 1954 and served as both the local post office and police station. In 1987, an extension to the building was completed to house the SAAQ offices. 

In 2007, Huntingdon celebrated its 100th anniversary as a municipality. Since becoming the new SAAQ dealer, Huntingdon has seen a surge in business, with farmers across central Alberta now having access to quality products at affordable prices.

The benefits of being the SAAQ dealer

The Town of Huntingdon is the new SAAQ dealer for the Eastern Townships. Located on the heartland of Quebec’s agricultural belt, with just over 11,000 people, it has excellent roads and stores supporting SAAQ transactions. SAAQ chose the town of Sorel-Tracy to build the new service center due to its location, infrastructure, and active storefronts.

The town also has a solid technical training center supporting SAAQ dealers throughout Quebec. The town’s community spirit is also vital, as it offers residents opportunities to participate in many local events.

What to expect when purchasing or renewing your vehicle registration in the town of Huntingdon

Huntingdon may be the perfect place for you if you are in the market for a new or used car. The town has many makes and models and many dealerships with competitive prices.

When registering your vehicle, there are a few things to remember. Ensure you have all the required documentation: proof of insurance, registration renewal form, and license plate. You can find these items at the town hall or most car dealerships.

Another essential thing to note is that Huntingdon is now the official SAAQ dealer for the region. It includes things like registrations, stickers, and even oil changes! You can purchase automotive products and services at the town hall without going elsewhere first.

If you want to buy a car in Huntingdon, visit one of its many dealerships. You won’t regret it!

What does this mean for residents of the town?

Huntingdon is the new SAAQ dealer in the province of Quebec. It includes products and services related to forestry, agricultural production, transportation, and emergency response. It means that residents of the town will now have access to all of the same products and services available to residents of other parts of Quebec.

What are the benefits of this deal for the town?

Huntingdon has been the new home of SAAQ Canada, and town officials are excited about the benefits this deal will bring. “This is a big day for Huntingdon,” said Mayor Allan Blais. “SAAQ Canada’s products will provide our community with quality craft beers at an affordable price. We believe their products are among the highest in quality compared to other craft breweries.”

The town is expected to save millions over the years by outsourcing its purchasing needs to SAAQ Canada. In addition to offering lower product prices, the company has pledged to provide Huntingdon with the support and resources necessary to deliver quality products. “We’re excited about this opportunity to work with SAAQ Canada,” said Dean Fehrman, director of purchasing for the town. “Huntingdon is a brand we’ve been working with since the beginning, and they have a long history of providing quality products at an affordable price. We’re confident they’ll continue that tradition in our relationship.”

Officials believe this partnership will benefit the town, its residents, and businesses. By partnering with SAAQ Canada, residents can access high-quality products at an affordable price. Companies can also benefit from equipment and supply discounts at the same time. “This is great news for Huntingdon,” said Mayor Blais. “It’s going to allow us to reduce costs for our residents and businesses, which will help us keep taxes low and continue to provide excellent services to our community.”

How will the town raise money to cover the cost of taking over SAAQ?

Huntingdon is the new SAAQ dealer, and they will need to raise money to cover the cost of taking over SAAQ. The town has a few options for how to cover the cost, including selling shares in the company or raising taxes. They are also looking into government grants and loans.


The Town of Huntingdon has been named the new SAAQ dealer in the region. It will increase area coverage and respond faster to residents and businesses. The town is also home to many engineers, scientists, and researchers working on government and private sector projects.

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