The Top Safety Features to Look for in a Jet Charter Service

The thought of a private jet charter is often associated with the glamorous travel and successful business trips many people dream of. Commercial flights sometimes have it as the case, but personal jet charter safety builds complete peace of mind for passengers.

All private jet charter operations are required to follow strict safety standards. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets these standards: the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and other relevant authorities.

While it’s important to follow safety standards, it’s also essential to consider the various factors that affect the quality of a charter company’s operations. In addition, some providers go beyond the minimums set by the authorities and establish additional procedures to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew.

Jet Charter Safety Standards

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has the authority to set safety rules for all pilots and charter operators in the country. It also issues regulations regarding the maintenance and training of pilots. Several voluntary audit programs, such as the ARGUS, IS-BAO, and Wyvern, are available. These programs help charter companies certify their operations.

Many charter companies consider the requirements of a voluntary audit program as a requirement for their operations. At Stratos Jet Charters, they have adopted the same safety standards as the ARGUS. It ensures that its clients are getting the best possible service.

Operational History and Experience

Only some air charter companies can provide their customers with the same level of service. In addition to the aircraft type and crew, it’s also great to consider the various factors that affect the quality of a charter company’s operations.

These include the weather conditions, operating rules, and geographical locations. Having the right experience and knowledge is vital to ensure that you can reach your destination safely.

Safety Culture

A charter company’s safety culture is a set of values, policies, and procedures designed to ensure its employees are trained and have the necessary skills and attitudes to perform their duties.

It’s reflected in its internal procedures and training. Although it can be hard to define a charter company’s culture, it’s essential to consider that every team member is involved.

Safety Features That Make Flying Private Charter Jets Better Than Commercial

1. Third-Party Safety Checks

While commercial flights go through all the necessary safety measures, private planes are more likely to perform inspections before taking off. It ensures they don’t encounter any issues when carrying out third-party checks.

When chartering a private jet, the aircraft must pass various checks to ensure it’s fit for travel. These include the aircraft’s history, crew certification, insurance coverage, and maintenance records. Clients typically agree with this if the charter company follows safety rules.

2. Advanced Technology

If a potential client asks whether or not private jets are safe, you can answer that they should ask about the latest technological innovations used by the charter company. The companies that provide this service constantly update their equipment to provide the best possible service.

One advantage of chartering a private jet is that it can land faster than a commercial plane, allowing the aircraft to change its routes if its client wants to land immediately.

Another advantage is that it can go higher in the air if the weather conditions are unfavorable. It allows pilots to make an informed decision regarding choosing the safest flight route.

3. Limited Passengers

Chartering a private jet minimizes the number of passengers, which can result in a smooth operation. For instance, if you book a flight with a charter company, you’ll likely see only ten passengers on board.

Compared to commercial flights, charter planes have fewer passengers to take care of. It means that the crew members can focus on providing the best possible service to each individual.

While there are many advantages to chartering a private jet, one of its most essential things is safety. Comparing commercial and private jet flights, a chartered private jet will offer you luxury and peace of mind.

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