The Status and Prospect of Smart Home

The smart home is the embodiment of IoT under the influence of the Internet, it can be defined as a process or a system, belongs to a branch of smart wearable devices, mainly residential as a platform, is both building, network communication, information appliances, equipment automation, set system, structure, service, management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environments. The use of advanced computer technology, embedded technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology, and the various subsystems related to home life organically combined. In this blog, we will explore the current state of the smart home and its prospects.

The Current State of the Smart Home and Its Prospects

Intelligent Home Appliance Control

Smart home appliances occupy an important position in the traditional smart home system, it is mainly through remote control, telephone mobile phone control, computer remote control, timing control, wearable device control and scene adaptive control, etc., to achieve intelligent control of air conditioning, water heater, water dispensers, televisions and electric curtains and other equipment. Users can freely configure and add home appliance control nodes according to their own needs. The realization of this function not only brings convenience to users but also saves energy to a certain extent.

Intelligent Lighting Control

The changing of light and shadow is an important means to create a home environment, and the appearance of intelligent lighting adds a mysterious color to the personality of the home. It mainly replaces the traditional switch through the intelligent switch, so as to realize the induction control of the home light and create any environmental atmosphere and light switch scene. Whether it is the screening light of the home theater, the lighting of the romantic dinner party, the scene light of the friends’ party, or the light of the quiet weekend after dinner reading the newspaper, it can realize any lighting scene mode.

When you go out or work overtime, the lights will automatically adjust to the corresponding mode. In addition, the intelligent lighting control system will automatically adjust the indoor lighting according to the outside light throughout the day, and automatically adjust the indoor lighting according to different time periods throughout the day.

Intelligent Video

A smart home can control indoor DVD/VCR/satellite TV/cable TV and other audio and video equipment, including volume/channel/preset/pause/fast forward, and so on. Achieve full control anytime, anywhere. And according to the specific life scene, the free conversion of audio and video coordination effect, so that home life feel happy. The current popular smart TV is one of the important carriers of intelligent video and audio systems.

Intelligent Security

Residential security has always been the focus of attention. Intelligent security is the primary component of smart homes, and it is also the primary requirement of residents for smart home systems. Smart security mainly refers to the smart home through the security system in a variety of security detectors (such as smoke, mobile detection, glass broken detection, door magnetic, etc.) and access control, visual intercom, monitoring video recording, and another three-dimensional defense system. For example: a visual intercom allows the user to clearly observe the visitor, to confirm that the remote door is open. When danger is encountered or potential danger is detected, the alarm system will automatically send alarm information to the property of the community, and send alarm information to the user in the form of a phone or SMS.

The intelligent security system used in conjunction with wearable devices will achieve the intelligence and security of intelligent security to a greater extent. One of the most important things to pay attention to is the smart door lock, be sure to choose the best quality. For example, eufy’s smart door lock is a security lock researched by an experienced smart home brand. If you want to ensure safety, choose a furniture brand that will be more secure.


The smart home was once just a distant, pure imagination concept, and now, with the development of science and technology, the improvement of people’s living standards, and a wave of smart boom, the smart home industry has made rapid development and increasingly penetrated the lives of ordinary people. With the further implementation of the promotion and popularization of the smart home market, cultivating the use habits of consumers, the consumption potential of the smart home market is bound to be huge, and the development and prosperity of the Internet of Things technology is to indicate the development and change of the traditional smart home, the era of home intelligence has arrived, and the smart home industry has a broad prospect.

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