The Rising Micro Company: 45.426.007 Matheus Victor Santos Fortaleza

The Genesis

Matheus Victor Santos Soares, a remarkable businessman from the heart of Fortaleza, embarked on a noteworthy journey on 02/23/2022. As a strategic move, he registered his venture under the corporate name: “45,426,007 Matheus Victor Santos Soares” with the CNPJ: 45.426.007/0001-08.

Unraveling The Details

On its initiation date, the company stated that it was a “Micro Company.” Its legal standing is well-defined as that of a businessman who is individualistic. In its early days, the company declared a share capital of R$ 10,000.00, showcasing its commitment to sustainable growth.

Making Strategic Choices

Mr. Soares’ enterprise did not opt for MEI, emphasizing its distinct nature. However, the option for Simple was embraced on the day of its inception, 02/23/2022. It reflects the company’s regulatory compliance approach and desire for a streamlined business framework.

Location and Contacts: The Nerve Center

The beating heart of this burgeoning company is located at Rua Mundica Paula, 681, Block A – Apartment 402 in the Itaoca neighborhood. This strategic location in Fortaleza, CearĂ¡, offers numerous advantages, from logistical benefits to a robust client base.

If you want to establish a direct connection, Mr. Soares has made himself approachable. Communication and collaborations become seamless with an email address of and a phone number, (83) 99382-1685. The cherry on top? You can even reach out via WhatsApp!

A Glimpse into the Core Operations

Venturing into outpatient medical activity, the company primarily focuses on consultations. This specialization reveals a dedication to enhancing the healthcare landscape of Fortaleza. With the registration status being active, it’s clear that the company is compliant and thriving in its chosen sector.

Qualification Matters

The backbone of any company is its leader. Matheus Victor Santos Soares isn’t just the name behind the enterprise but is also its responsible guardian. As a businessman, he brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a commitment to making a mark in outpatient medical consultations.

In Conclusion: A Story of Tenacity

The journey of “45.426.007 Matheus Victor Santos Soares” is about determination and vision. From its inception in February 2022, this Fortaleza-based micro company has showcased its dedication to growth, excellence, and service. As it continues to thrive in CearĂ¡, one can only anticipate the heights it will reach. Matheus Victor Santos Soares is not just a name but a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, and a promise to deliver.

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