The Remarkable Journey of 19.427.328 LTDA Top Gun Armas

A Glimpse into the Roots

19.427.328 LTDA, colloquially known as Top Gun Armas, embarked on its journey on 18th December 2013. With its headquarters in the scenic locale of Santarém, in the Brazilian state of Pará, this micro-sized limited company has etched its name in the firearms industry.

A Company with a Difference

Established with a hefty share capital of BRL 200,000.00, Top Gun Armas isn’t just another entry in the field. Despite its micro-scale, the company’s status remains active. For a venture shy of a decade old, the impressive track record demonstrates a firm grasp of the market’s pulse.

More than Just a Retailer

Top Gun Armas is often labeled as a retailer of weapons and ammunition. While this remains accurate, the title barely scratches the surface of the company’s offerings. Top Gun Armas is an institution that couples the traditional armament retailing business with a flair for innovation.

Bridging the Gap

Through the years, Top Gun Armas has garnered a reputation as a reliable supplier of arms, ammunition, and related equipment. However, the company’s dedication to its customers sets it apart. Ensuring their queries are answered, needs are met, and concerns are addressed, Top Gun Armas goes beyond the business-client relation, creating an engaged community.

Transparency as a Keynote

Being in an industry fraught with regulatory challenges, Top Gun Armas has firmly established its reputation on the foundation of transparency. It’s not only about the arms trade; it’s about operating within the realm of legality, ensuring every transaction is traceable, ethical, and above board.

Contacting Top Gun Armas

Contacting Top Gun Armas is as simple as a call or a quick email. With an open line of communication at (93) 99129-3574 and a dedicated email address (, the company ensures every query is answered.

Where They Stand

Top Gun Armas is housed in Avenida Mendonca Furtado, 3551, Aldeia, Santarém PA, where it services the needs of its patrons. With a team led by Managing Partner Alef Brito da Silva, the company continues to thrive, providing top-quality products and services to its customers.


In the evolving landscape of arms retail, Top Gun Armas, or 19.427.328 LTDA, holds its ground. With a solid commitment to quality, service, and innovation, it’s more than just another name in the industry. It’s a beacon for others to follow, a model of sustainability and customer engagement in an industry often devoid of both. Whether you’re a long-time patron or a prospective customer, one thing is clear – Top Gun Armas is here to stay, promising a future as impressive as its past.

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