The Best Minivan for Family Travel

Minivans have little competition with other vehicle categories when it comes to choosing the perfect car for a family trip. Their ample seating and cargo space are among the advantages they bring to the table. Over the years, many car manufacturers have come up with various minivan models but some have turned out to be better preferred to others. There are several factors for this as this article will highlight.

Of the many minivans in the market, two stand out as the most preferred for family travels not only in the USA but also across the world. These two are the Honda Odyssey and Kia Carnival. When choosing a minivan, your choice should ultimately rest on one of these. Let’s discuss each in detail to help you make a choice when you are looking for a family vacation minivan.

Honda Odyssey

Apart from its spacious and comfortable cabin, the Honda Odyssey comes with admirable tech features. Its CabinWatch and CabinTalk features have endeared it to families with small kids as they make it easy to watch and communicate with them while on the road. It also comes with an Intelligent Traction Management system that helps the car detect changes in terrain and adjust accordingly to provide the smoothest ride possible.

This minivan has impressive suspension, with an acceleration that will make you forget you are in a minivan. It has foldable second-row seats which come with an option of rearrangement into several seating positions, an ideal feature if you may require to separate siblings constantly feuding. The seats can also be removed to create space for your luggage if the need arises. It has standard safety features including pedestrian detection.

It has a decent entertainment system, with Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay capabilities. Also, it comes with a separate entertainment system for the rear seat equipped with streaming capabilities your little ones can enjoy when seated at the back. It’s a 1Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity0-speed automatic transmission powered by a V6 engine. It’s an 8 seater with four doors. It is also front-wheel drive. For this vehicle category, its fuel consumption is just amazing.

If you are looking to rent, this car is among the most preferred minivans for rent. But with different editions available some features may be missing in some editions. To get to know stuff like what equipment does a rental minivan have, and its features and to compare the rental prices between the various US cars for rent companies visit It’s a one-stop shop for all your car rental needs.

Kia Carnival

The Kia Carnival is a V6 engine with 8 speed transmission. It has an appealing exterior design with a near SUV styling. Its interior is spacious and comfy with the option for heating or cooling even on the second-row seats that in some editions can recline and come with footrests. The second row seats are also removable although this can be quite a workout session as they are heavy.

Its dashboard is impressively done, with dual screens with one dedicated to your infotainment and the other acting as a digital display gauge. This car has gone big on entertainment with up to 9 USB ports in the cabin and a rear seat entertainment system to prevent the little ones from getting bored. It also supports Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. Its driver assistance features are also top-notch keeping it neck to neck with the Honda Odyssey.


To keep the fresh air coming, it comes with a sunroof strategically located to ensure the cabin is well-aerated. Its cargo storage behind the third-row seats is also spacious and can fit a good number of carry-on suitcases. It has rear sliding doors that make it easy to get in and out even in tight spaces. Its fuel consumption is also amazing. All these and many others make it one of the best cars for a trip with family.


The two minivans discussed above have cut through the competition in the minivan category and are the most preferred according to sales and minivan rental figures. The features discussed above are some of their selling points making families looking to go for vacations or road trips prefer them.

The choice between the two will finally depend on your preferences as these vary from person to person. But regardless of your choice, you are sure to enjoy the services of one of the best minivans available. When renting make sure you keep in mind rental car tips like booking early to ensure you get the best deals. Get one and hit the road with your family because they deserve a good time.

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