SooToday – A New Generation of Local Online Publications

The rise of online publications has been a major trend in recent years. For businesses and individuals, there’s no longer any need to rely on the mainstream media for information. Instead, you can find all the news and information you need at your fingertips, thanks to SooToday. SooToday is a new generation of local online publications that provides you with the latest news and events from across the province of Ontario. Whether you’re looking for local business news, sports updates, or even a good laugh, SooToday has covered you. So let’s Sign up today and get the information you need right where you want it!

SooToday: A New Generation of Local Online Publications

Since the early 2000s, SooToday has been documenting the ups and downs of life in the Soo. The website has since become a platform for sharing local news and events with its readers.

The Upper Great Lakes online publication SooToday was launched in 2003, making it one of the earliest online publications in North America. As well as providing local news, information, and entertainment, SooToday delivers a platform for community members to connect and share ideas. 

The website’s editorial team is made up of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that SooToday is an accurate and comprehensive source of information on everything from local businesses to notable events. SooToday remains one of the most popular online sources for residents and visitors.

SooToday’s Plan to Disrupt the News Industry

With SooToday, you’ll be able to connect with the places you care about in a new generation of local online publications. Founded by entrepreneurs Dan and Katrina Soo, SooToday is an independent news outlet with content focusing on arts and culture, food & drink, home & garden, health & fitness, and lifestyle.

SooToday’s goal is to provide its readers with the latest news and information about the communities they care about while also providing them an avenue to connect. In addition to its website, SooToday also publishes content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

As a news source and an opportunity for community engagement, SooToday believes there is a need for more community-focused news outlets in today’s society. Through its content, outreach initiatives, and social media presence, SooToday aims to connect citizens and their local communities.

How SooToday Became the Leader in Local News

In the early 2000s, there were few local online publications. SooToday was one of the earliest and largest. There are many more local publications, but SooToday is still one of the most popular.

SooToday started as a small website with a few articles about the town of Soo. Over time, it grew into a big website with news, features, and editorials about all of Northern Michigan. SooToday is one of the area’s biggest and most popular local online publications.

One reason why SooToday is so successful is that it focuses on providing readers with quality content. A professional journalist with experience covering news in Northern Michigan writes every article on the website. It makes SooToday an authoritative source for information about the town and region.

Another reason why SooToday is popular is its coverage of local events. Whenever there is an important event in Soo or nearby communities, Soo Today will cover it in an article or series. It includes stories about significant sports games, community festivals, and other important events.

Throughout the past decade, SooToday has become one of the leading local online publications in Northern Michigan, providing readers with quality news and information.

The Future of SooToday

The future of SooToday, a new generation of local online publications, is looking bright. The publishing platform has been increasing since it was created in late 2015 and now boasts more than 1,000 subscribers and 35,000 pageviews per month. Founder and CEO Stephane Lapointe says they’re seeing an increasing demand for localized news and information from their subscribers.

People in the North East region are increasingly seeking localized content on business, economy, culture, and politics, which is why we have seen a lot of growth. In addition, we see a lot of interest from outside the region who want to know about our unique culture.

SooToday plans to grow by expanding its content offerings and reaching out to new communities across Ontario. By providing quality local journalism, they can help build stronger relationships between communities and help ensure that everyone in Ontario has access to accurate information.


Although today’s local publications differ vastly, there has been a rising trend of online-only publications. SooToday launched in 2012 to connect people in our community and promote their events. Whether you’re looking for news about your neighborhood, want to find out what’s happening at your favorite businesses, or want to vent about something on their blog, SooToday may be an excellent option for you as a consumer.

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