Sir Walter Buffalo Turf – Best Turf Solution for Commercial and Residential Properties


Nowadays, there are many varieties of grass turfs made from natural materials available on the market. However turf experts Buffalo Turf say that only a few are capable of surviving the extreme heat of Australia and flourish to be healthy, green and soft. One of these robust natural grasses can be Sir Walter Buffalo turf. Which regardless of Australian conditions, will continue in being healthy, green and soft.

What is the difference? Sir Walter Buffalo Turf – Best Turf solution for Commercial and Residential Properties

Sir Walter turf happens to be the sole genuine grass in Australia which is covered by Plant Breeder’s Rights and requires approval to grow. To confirm whether Sir Walter turf is real and not fake, the customer receives a certificate of authenticity from the authorized turf farm. The authenticity certificate is not just a guarantee that Sir Walter turf has been proven to be authentic and authentic, but also ensures that the turf you purchase is of the highest quality and in excellent condition. When you receive this certified grass you can more than be sure that you have only got the real one and not the fake or copy. 

The grass was developed and bred in Australia, Sir Walter turf was introduced in the late 1990s by Brent Redman. It was the ideal alternative to the previous varieties Kikuyu as well as Shade master. It quickly became the top option for Aussie lawns. Sir Walter turf is characterized by a pleasant feel and pleasant green hue when compared with other grass types available on the market. Additionally, it has characteristics that allow it to maintain its natural green color throughout the year even during the harsh summer heat as well as the snowiest winter months. Millions of square meters have been laid out on the land in Australia and has been proved to resist weeds, fungi and other grass diseases with success. It can thrive in the direct sun as well as in shade with very little water and fertilizer needs.

A few of the attributes that are part of Sir Walter turf include:

  • Ability to thrive in extreme Australian climate
  • Ability to keep its lush green color and softness all year long. Even during hot summer, freezing winter, and torrential rains
  • Simple to maintain and requires no particular skills required to maintain the turf
  • It helps reduce water costs because it needs minimal watering as compared to other types
  • Natural resistance to weeds, fungi as well as other grass-related diseases
  • A lower maintenance turf because it needs very little fertilizing and mowing
  • Robust and able to withstand drought
  • Eco-friendly grass that has self-repairing properties


Sir Walter buffalo grass can be the most effective lawn care solution for residential and commercial, recreation needs in Australia. In addition to being durable, it also offers an amazing aesthetic value for residential and commercial homes. These superb ability is what makes it the most popular of all the turfs out there. 

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