Simple Car Maintenance Tasks To Perform Regularly

Taking care of your vehicle and performing regular maintenance checks are very important for its longevity. Basic knowledge of your vehicle is essential in understanding any odd signs your vehicle may show over a period. The lack of maintenance and regular checks often result in poor performance and may cost much higher in the end compared to the regular maintenance cost. Taking the car to the mechanic’s workshop is a hassle. Therefore, to avoid it, you should know the basics to understand and fix the problem signs a vehicle might show especially during times of emergency. Here are a few tasks you must learn about the basic maintenance of your vehicle:

Battery Inspection

The battery is the major component of your vehicle. Having a good battery makes the vehicle go as far as you need. However, a poor or dead battery is not taking you anywhere, not even outside your garage. It is very important to check your battery every year and look for any signs of it wearing out. Usually, a corrosive material accumulates on top of the battery terminals, preventing the battery from working properly. Use a corrosion fluid or a DIY mixture of water and soda to remove the residues. Make sure to remove the battery terminals before applying any fluids and reconnect after cleansing and drying the area.

Engine Oil

Regular engine oil checks are also very important. If your car is consuming more oil, it is a sign to clean your engine first. Use high-quality filtered oil for your vehicle for a smooth drive as it is widespread for engines to have built-up contamination when you do not filter your engine oil.

Tire Pressure

If you have not bought a tire pressure gauge yet, do it. Along with a pressure gauge, buy a mini tire pump as well in case of an emergency. It is a true lifesaver. Before heading out on the road, you should check your car tires pressure regularly and if the situation is alarming, you might need to take the vehicle to a workshop for a repair or tire replacement. Goodyear truck tires provide complete tire services.

Air Filter Maintenance

A dirty air filter is trouble for not only the engine but also the mileage of your vehicle. If your vehicle has been on a rough road, during heavy traffics for a long time, the chances for worn-out air filters are higher. You can check the filters yourself. A visible sign of a dirty air filter is a gray or blackish color, depicting the dust on the filter. Get the filter cleaned for a smoother and cleaner engine.

Break Oil

Breaks in your car are responsible for keeping you safe on the road. Maintaining the quality of breaks is highly dependent on the break oil, giving it a balanced amount of lubrication. Make sure your break oil is not leaking from underneath. Lastly, always remember to keep your vehicle’s reservoir tank cleaner. 

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