Shopify Plus: What Is It & How Exactly Does It Work?

Today, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms you can consider choosing for your digital business is Shopify. This platform has a premium version, known as Shopify Plus, which is highly recommended for fast-growing and large businesses. Why? That’s so because the premium Shopify platform offers more ecommerce functionality than the regular version.

What is Shopify Plus and how exactly does it work? Read on to discover the answer to this FAQ, including why hiring Flatline Agency for e-commerce solutions is worth it.

What should you know about Shopify Plus & how it works?

As earlier mentioned, Shopify Plus is the premium version of Shopify, a popular, subscription-based, user-friendly ecommerce platform that helps brick-and-mortar stores to run digitally. Shopify works as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales platform, centralizing your product & customer data, as well as your business operations, in a single system.

Many people often say that Shopify and Shopify Plus are two different platforms. This is certainly not the case; both of them are developed with the same technology and offer the same core functionality. The only difference is that Shopify Plus is a premium platform that comes with additional features, such as better Shopify support, Shopify Organization Admin tool, and advanced apps.

Why should you opt for Shopify Plus? 5 key reasons!

  1. Unlimited bandwidth

The very first reason to consider Shopify Plus when going digital with your physical business is that it’s reliable and highly scalable. This Shopify platform offers its users unlimited bandwidth. With this offering, you’ll be able to use scalable software-as-a-service hosting. As your online store starts to grow, the traffic to your website will start to increase. With this premium platform’s unlimited bandwidth, your digital store will be able to handle tons of orders, every second. To be precise, Shopify Plus offers servers that can always handle up to four million hits per second – this is much-needed during Black Friday.

  1. Better control with ‘Launchpad’

Another good thing about Shopify Plus is that it offers its users better control over how they run their digital businesses. This is possible because the platform offers a feature, known as Launchpad. With this scheduling tool, you’ll be able to schedule and monitor different activities, including your business sales, product visibility, promotions, and many more.

  1. Personalized check-out experience

In the ecommerce sector, there’s something called ‘checkout’. This feature allows buyers to pay for their purchases on ecommerce sites. The non-premium Shopify platform offers a native type of this checkout feature.

One of the biggest advantages that Shopify Plus has over Shopify and other top competitors’ ecommerce platforms is that it offers a unique, personalized check-out experience. What does this mean?

It’s simple; with this premium Shopify platform, you’ll get far more control over the checkout feature. Yes, you can always customize the checkout option, according to your needs. The only problem, however, is that you need some dev skills for the setup process – Flatline Agency can help in this aspect through Shopify’s checkout.liquid.

What do you stand to gain with Shopify Plus checkout customization?

  • First, you’ll be able to expand your customer base and sell internationally with this checkout customization.
  • Another good thing about this feature is that it’ll give your business greater flexibility over pricing. Yes, this checkout customization offering will allow you to offer certain customers (you can create a list with Shopify Scripts) deals, gifts, or free products to certain groups of customers
  1. Access to script editor

One of the biggest benefits of using Shopify Plus is that it offers great access to Script Editor. With Shopify Script Editor, you’ll be able to customize and create your scripts to deliver a unique and personalized customer experience. This offering also makes it possible for you to offer your loyal customers promotions and discounts.

  1. Reduced transaction fee

With this premium Shopify platform, you’ll also enjoy reduced transaction fees. No doubt, it always feels like choosing or upgrading to this e-commerce platform is expensive (upfront). However, if you factor in the costs associated with third-party payment gateways related things, you’ll understand that Shopify Plus certainly comes with cost reduction.

It’s simple; with third-party payment gateways, Shopify often takes a certain percentage on all transactions. If you run your business on a basic Shopify plan, the cost is a 2% fee on each of your transactions. For advanced Shopify and Shopify plans, the fees are 0.5% and 1%, respectively. But with Shopify Plus, you won’t be paying any fee (0% fee). This means you’ll be saving a lot of money on your orders, which you can use for other profitable things in your business.

How to start using Shopify Plus?

Flatline Agency is one of the few reliable agencies that you can trust for the best e-commerce solutions. This company partners with Shopify, WooCommerce, and a host of other large players in the industry. As such, they understand exactly what they need to deliver you the best results.
Apart from setting up your digital store from scratch, Flatline Agency also helps to set up relevant automation. They also provide custom modules and APIs, which you’ll need to keep your website running smoothly. Learn more about how Flatline Agency Shopify Plus solutions work.

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