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Watching movies and series online has long been a habit for many people. Some people prefer well-known platforms like Netflix, others are looking for new options – a little cheaper, with more choices and so on. To find the most suitable service, you have to choose from a variety of offers on the market of these services. We will try to make the choice easier for you.

We suggest all fans of watching movies and TV shows online to pay attention to the new platform, Theflix. Here you’ll find the newest and most popular movies and top-rated shows.

TheFlix is

What is the new online movie theater and why should we pay attention to it? To answer these questions, we first need to understand what Theflix is all about.

This resource gives users the opportunity to watch movies online and pay much less for a subscription than, for example, in the same Netflix. The service is gaining momentum every day and the number of satisfied users is constantly growing. After all, by registering on Theflix, in addition to watching a movie or an online series, each user can earn BITCOIN. All you have to do is to invite your friends to use the service. The developers will share the profits with you for each registered user, and the money you earn can be spent to pay for a subscription.


If you have used the Cheep Netflix service, you will immediately notice the advantages of TheFlix over this platform. One of the main pros is the subscription cost, which is significantly lower. For just $1.99 you have a huge library of the best new movies and TV series.

Unlike Analog Netflix, this service provides protection for its users in the form of a personal VPN. In addition, the video quality offered by TheFlix can be adjusted depending on the speed of your Internet connection. You will be comfortable watching movies and TV series even at a low connection speed.

Best analog Netflix

Online cinema TheFlix has put together a collection of movies and shows in a wide variety of genres. Here you can watch:

  • comedies;
  • action movies and detectives;
  • mystery and sci-fi;
  • dramas and thrillers, and much more.

You can easily find movies and TV series that interest you by year or genre. And if you need a particular movie, just type its title into the search box and you’ll probably find it in the movie library of the service. Here there is everything for the most desperate cinephiles. You can choose a movie or series for yourself, for family viewing or a pleasant evening with friends. 

Download the application to your smartphone with any operating system, register on the service and enjoy films from all over the world.

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