Sar Pass Trek: Best time to Visit & Complete Itinerary


Sar Pass is a great trek for beginners. This is the perfect trek for anyone who wants to see all kinds of terrain. This path is open to all types of terrain, including forests, meadows and quaint villages.

Kasol is a popular destination for backpackers around the world and the trek attracts large weekend crowds. Many of these are young people looking for a taste of the bohemian lifestyle. The outlets have both necessities and luxuries to cater for tourists.

There are many options for keeping – both budget-friendly and high-end – and you can choose from Indian, Chinese, Continental and Indian cuisines.

Sar Pass Perfect for beginners

Wander through meadows, forests, and small villages. For stunning views of the covered mountains, climb to Sar Pass at 13,799ft. Kasol is the starting point for this trek, which can be a paradise for backpackers around the world. This path draws huge weekend crowds.

What you need for your Trek


Backpack with sturdy straps and supporting frame. A rain protects backpack is essential.

Trekking shoes:

Sports shoes are not allowed. Shoes should have soles that provide smart grip and articulation support. A trek requires you to wear a new shoe. it’d cause blisters.

Trek pants

You can wear 3 combined, as well as the one that you are wearing. I highly recommend artificial quick-dry pants because they are light. You can also wear one over the other when it gets cold. A pair of trekking shoes is the same as a pair, except that you would carry the worn.

Alternate: Track pants or cotton pants with multiple pockets.

T-shirts with collars

Three combines, as well as the one that you are wearing. Sunburns on the neck or arms can be prevented by the collar and sleeves.

Woollens with full sleeves

Two pairs, including the one that you are currently wearing. We recommend fleece over wool for its light weight, compactness and warmth.

Jacket thick:

One full-sleeve, hollow windproof jacket/down jacket

Thermal inners

1 pair of lightweight, higher or lower (optional).


  • Toiletries (Sunscreen, SPF 40+, moisturizer, lightweight towel, lip balm/chapstick and tiny soap, toilet paper, wet tissues)
  • Kit for repair (needle and thread)
  • Headlamp/LED torch: (Mandatory)
  • Camera
  • Cutlery
  • Water bottles

Tips and recommendation

  • Avoid wearing sports shoes. They are not suitable for trekking. Forclaz 100, 500, and 600 are our top recommendations. To avoid any shoe bites/blisters while on the slopes, we wear the shoes about a week before the trek.
  • I extremely endorse artificial quick-dry pants. These pants are lightweight and can be worn in layers when it gets cold. Cotton pants/track pants are AN alternative.
  • For trekking, jeans, shorts and 3/4 pants are not appropriate.
  • The best option is lightweight, full-sleeve collared T-shirts. Avoid spherical neck tees that expose your neck in all weather conditions. They can cause sunburns during the day.
  • Fleece jackets are better than wool. They are lightweight, compact, and warm. It is more cost-effective to have multiple lightweight sweaters on your consumer goods than one large jacket.
  • People who are very sensitive to cold should not eat thermal dinners.
  • Scarves can be used as an alternative to balaclavas.
  • Those who wear spectacles, opt for one among these – contact lenses, exposure chromatic glasses, or if either of the on top isn’t possible, wear your spectacles and carry enormous sunglasses that may be worn over your spectacles.|If you wear glasses, choose one of these: contact lenses, exposure-chromatic glasses or if neither of those options is possible your spectacles. You can also wear huge sunglasses over your spectacles.}
  • Force trekkers are more likely to purchase their cutlery because of hygiene reasons.
  • For wet clothes, you can use plastic bags to separate your items.

Sar Pass Trekking at its Best

It is also a great time to move for Sar pass Trek. This makes it even more enjoyable.

The best time is when the season begins in April. It ends in the month of the Gregorian calendar months, making it a great day to get cosy and refreshed.

The months tell the story of joy and the excitement that make any traveller happy and content.

How do you get a Star Pass?

You can reach Kasol by rails. These directions will take you to Joginder Nagar railway station, approximately 100 forty-four metric linear units from Kasol. sar pass trek

To reach Kasol, you’ll need to take a taxi or take a bus to the Joginder Nagar Bus Stand towards Manikaran. This can take anywhere from four to five hours.

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