SAP Business Process Cloud (SAP BPC)


SAP BPC is a powerful integrated suite of enterprise performance management applications that facilitates planning and helps to drive key business decisions. It allows companies to model various scenarios and budgetary assumptions to determine impacts to the business. For example, a company can use SAP BPC planning to plan the effects of running two profit centers in two different countries.

Business planning

The German company SAP has developed business planning software that is widely used for enterprise resource planning. This software incorporates many key business functions into a single system. The company made the software available in 2006 with the release of enhancement package 8 for the SAP ERP 6.0 software. It can be used to help organizations make better business decisions.

The software provides comprehensive planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities within a single application. It also ensures compliance with financial reporting standards. It has customers across a variety of industries and in different sizes. More than half of its customers are large, and 17% are small. The software is used in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The software allows for easy revisions with its version management tools. This ensures data integrity and reduces lead time. The software also includes financial and legal consolidation capabilities, which include currency translation and intercompany eliminations. This allows users to easily analyze and compare figures and financial elements. The application also allows for customized reporting and analysis and facilitates flexible budgeting processes.

SAP BPC is a comprehensive planning solution that integrates financial and operational planning. This planning solution also reduces the amount of time required for reporting processes. It also provides continuous planning capabilities with rolling forecasts. The software is user-friendly and can be installed on a variety of devices. Business users can access the software with Microsoft Office, and it is even compatible with web browsers.

Business planning with SAP BPC helps predict outcomes, understand variables, and drive business strategies. Moreover, this software provides information for analysis and reporting purposes, which help organizations make smarter decisions.


SAP BPC provides several tools for the budgeting process. It provides immediate access to the status of budget activities and allows different budgeting processes to be differentiated. The system also makes master data additions visible to all stakeholders. The budget is approved by the regional finance manager, the HOD, COO/VP, CEO, and director.

SAP BPC offers a wide range of information processing tools, including real-time data adjustment, analysis, and forecasting tools. These tools help users make informed decisions based on possible events. They also help reduce errors and reduce service requirements. SAP BPC simplifies deployment and is easy to use.

The implementation of SAP-BPC began in Maret 2009 and was supposed to go live on 21 Juli 2009. However, it was delayed to an unspecified date due to a number of issues. Fortunately, we were informed by the LPS of any problems during the implementation process. As a result, we were able to successfully implement SAPBPC in our company.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation is a powerful EPM solution that enables companies to create and manage financial plans. It enables users to make accurate adjustments to their plans, accelerate budget cycles, and ensure compliance with accounting standards. It can also be used to perform monthly reporting and is compatible with other business applications. SAP BPC has become an essential tool for companies looking to improve their overall financial management. This software can help companies make the best possible decisions for their business.

SAP BPC enables users to create spending plans based on real-time financial data, allowing them to visualize how their budget will be executed over the year. SAP BPC can also automatically adjust forecasts to take into account seasonality and market trends. Furthermore, the system also allows users to isolate operating units and create action plans based on their budget.


The SAP BPC forecasting module is a powerful tool for a company to utilize to develop more accurate forecasts. The system is flexible enough to accommodate differences between business lines, making it possible to develop a single high quality forecasting process across a business. This eliminates the duplication of effort in developing forecasting methodologies and improves the overall quality of the resulting forecasts.

It also supports strategic planning, allowing you to create action plans for three to five years ahead. Its powerful planning tools include what-if scenarios, reliable contingency plans, and integrated financial and operational planning models. Depending on your needs, SAP BPC can be used to develop a bottom-up or top-down planning strategy. This tool has a user-friendly, intuitive user interface and native Excel integration.

SAP BPC helps companies understand variables, forecast performance, and report results. With this tool, businesses can better understand their business and plan for the future. It also helps drive business strategies. And it can be used on the go. You can access SAP BPC from anywhere. You can even access it from your mobile device.

The SAP BPC forecasting module enables users to create spending plans based on real-time financial data and visual budget execution for the year ahead. It also automatically adjusts forecasts for variables such as market trends and seasonality. Additionally, it allows users to isolate operating units and develop action plans according to the budget.

SAP BPC forecasting modules also provide consolidated financial intelligence and forecasting models that help companies make more informed decisions. This software integrates planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities and helps organizations meet accounting standards.

Financial consolidation

If you are looking for a system to consolidate your financials for month-end close, you should look into SAP BPC. The system helps you combine multiple financial statements into a single one, giving you a much more detailed view of your financial position. It is also designed to work with different ownership structures and complex tax requirements.

SAP BPC is a comprehensive financial management tool that supports the planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation process. It helps companies make better decisions and achieve more success with their financial closings. It also helps organizations comply with global reporting requirements. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for the consolidations team to do their job.

SAP BPC offers a wide range of reporting formats, and supports real-time modeling. It also integrates with third-party solutions and supports data import and export from multiple systems. It works well with SAP and other enterprise management solutions, and is especially effective when used in conjunction with these. In addition, BPC includes a book publication wizard that helps businesses create dynamic product books. Furthermore, SAP offers an optional Disclosure Management solution that automates filing with different regulatory bodies.

SAP BPC helps users create professional reports and dashboards, enabling the finance team to share reports with the executive team. By automating standard reporting and distribution, it also helps finance teams save time and money by eliminating manual work. The system also provides rich dynamic report packs, which enable users to easily find the information they need. It encourages collaboration and captures the story behind the numbers. Additionally, SAP BPC also has an audit trail, so users can easily trace their comments.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation automates planning and consolidation activities, as well as the legal and management activities that go with them. It also provides detailed financial reports and an audit trail for the users.

Integration with analytics

SAP BPC is a business intelligence (BI) platform built on the BW architecture. Originally acquired by OutlookSoft in 2007, SAP has invested significantly in this technology over the past 12 years. However, SAP is now changing direction and customers must make strategic decisions about their future. This article will focus on the current state of SAP BPC and the options available to customers.

SAP Analytics Cloud helps you connect your financial and operational planning. It can help you build a single source of truth and automatically discover trends. It supports flexible planning scenarios, machine learning, and AI. Also it can help you improve your decision-making process through automated insights. It offers pushbutton functionality, contextual recommendations, and flexible planning scenarios.

In addition to the BPC-SAC integration, SAP Analytics Cloud helps you extend BPC with additional data and predictive capabilities. This allows you to strategize and act on critical decisions in real time. The cloud-based application can connect to your existing on-premise or cloud-based application. It can also enhance your visualisation capabilities.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation can complement SAP Analytics Cloud. Its consolidation engine, or SAC, provides a modern browser-based user interface for planning and reporting. It can also support BPC’s Smart Data Discovery capabilities. In addition, SAC can replace MS Excel in offline planning scenarios.

While SAP BPC is a useful business tool, it cannot be fully decommissioned. The standard will continue to be supported until 2024. This means that your company can still use the platform while it transitions to S/4HANA. Its future-proof design means you can use SAP Analytics Cloud to build dashboards on top of BPC data.

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