Most recognized Post Graduate Programs in Lean Six Sigma

There are a plethora of recognized postgraduate programs in Lean Six Sigma. However, the most prominent postgraduate program in Lean Six Sigma is offered by Simplilearn.

Business processes, including manufacturing, software development, logistics management, etc., require complex, coordinated efforts of professional teams. And in the present-day globalized economy, enterprises might have dispersed teams across several time zones and continents. But the only key to success is optimal coordination and top-notch efficiency.

Lean Six Sigma is, in fact, a proven methodology for improving collaborative efforts and reducing waste. And this is undoubtedly crucial in present-day businesses. While Lean Six Sigma is in great demand across various industries, it is an excellent career move. Fortunately, acquiring Lean Six Sigma certification is more accessible than ever.

This article will enlighten you with the most recognized Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma. Keep reading until the end to have a better understanding of the same. Also, you can consider enrolling yourself in the postgraduate program for a bright and promising future.

Let’s get started.

A brief overview of Lean Six Sigma

The postgraduate program of Lean Six Sigma is provided by Simplilearn in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. This comprehensive program provides all the necessary skills and tools to lead operational excellence in transformational projects. It improves quality, reduces waste, and enhances bottom-line results.

So whether you are willing to improve efficiency or manage an organization, investing in this program is wise. You can even fast-track your career in quality management with this course. In fact, you get to attend masterclasses from the Isenberg faculty.

Most importantly, you will be able to solve real-world business problems through capstone projects and case studies. Also, you will be able to learn business mentoring from industry experts from KPMG in India.

In other words, this Lean Six Sigma course efficiently targets professionals who wish to pursue Quality Management. Also, suppose you wish to master the continuous improvement frameworks, agile management practices, and six sigma frameworks. Besides, the case studies from Harvard Business Publishing and capstone projects from KPMG in India will provide real-world exposure.

Key features of Lean Six Sigma

Some of the critical features of this postgraduate program of Lean Six Sigma are:

  • Faculty provide masterclasses from Isenberg, UMass Amherst, and Senior Consultants from KPMG
  • Joint Postgraduate Program Certification and Alumni Membership from Isenberg, UMass Amherst
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 8x more live interaction with Lean Six Sigma experts
  • Comprehensive coverage of IASSC® Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certification
  • 3 Harvard case studies, Capstone projects from 6 domains, 17 hands-on projects, and 18 simulation exams
  • Real-world capstone projects and mentoring by KPMG experts
  • The JobAssist of Simplilearn enables you to get noticed by the top hiring companies

Advantages of the Lean Six SigmaPost Graduate Program

You can become uniquely qualified with the postgraduate program of Lean Six Sigma. You will also become familiar with agile, lean management, and six sigma skills. Here, you stand a chance to master numerous tools, including Excel, Jira, and Minitab.

This postgraduate program enables you to earn well-recognized credentials from UMass Amherst & 94 PDUs from PMI. You should note that this postgraduate program in Lean Six Sigma is provided in partnership with the Isenberg School of Management, UMass Amherst.

The Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst is ranked consistently within the top 50 business schools in the USA. The AACSB-accredited online MBA program has been ranked in the USA. Also, it has been given the 3rd rank in the world by the annual Financial Times survey.

Once you have completed this postgraduate program, you will receive a completion certificate. Other things that you will receive upon completion of this program are:

  • You can become a UMass Amherst Alumni Association member with access to Alumni Networks.
  • You will receive a joint UMass Amherst – KPMG in India – Simplilearn certificate of completion.
  • You will receive a 3-credit elective transfer for UMass Amherst Isenberg Online MBA.

This program is co-created with KPMG in India. It aims to deliver top-notch capabilities and measurable skills to professionals. It also includes capstone projects, masterclasses, and mentoring sessions from senior consultants. Some of the benefits associated with Harvard Case Studies are:

  • You get to analyze business situations and different aspects of managerial decision-making.
  • The real-world case studies are authored by HBS professors and other efficient business school educators.
  • You get to discover new ways to approach and solve all business problems.

Is Lean Six Sigma Worthwhile?

Enrolling yourself in the Lean Six Sigma postgraduate program will be immensely beneficial. And once you have completed the program, you will receive a Lean Six Sigma Certification. This will be worthwhile in advancing your career and increasing your salary.

When you have a Lean Six Sigma certificate, it will also be worthwhile for your company. This is because your company will efficiently benefit from the cost savings produced by your process investments.

The methodology of Lean Six Sigma has a well-structured approach, especially to project execution. Also, it is an excellent foundation for a high level of success. You will also be bombarded with a plethora of enhanced job prospects. In other words, Lean Six Sigma deliberately improves your job chances and compensation.

To conclude

No business organization can take away the quality of its job prospects. Thus, such job-oriented programs will not disappear in the future and will remain relevant. So, if you dream of a rewarding career, it’s better to pursue the postgraduate program of Lean Six Sigma. We’re sure you will have the best career prospects in the future.

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