Miro Pricing vs Confluence Pricing – Which one is better?

Miro Pricing vs Confluence Pricing

Miro pricing – Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard planning and management tool for agile operations. Remote teams can collaborate online using the software and digital sticky note. Confluence allows businesses to organize, plan, collaborate and review project documents. Its modules make it easy for organizations to access resources and collaborate on marketing campaigns. It is possible to implement both local and cloud-based solutions.

This guide will make it easier to distinguish between Miro pricing from Confluence pricing.

Miro Software

Miro users have unlimited access to an endless canvas that can be filled with intelligent widgets for any kind of collaboration. It can be used to build a complete productivity solution. It is possible to collaborate efficiently no matter where your team members are located.

Miro Pricing

Miro has more than 25,000,000 users around the globe, making it a highly effective visual collaboration platform. It is suitable for small and large companies. There are five pricing options available:

This option is for you if your goal is to get familiar with Miro before purchasing additional subscriptions. This option offers many helpful materials. Access to a template library allows you to build projects without having to start from scratch. It provides essential connections with programs such as Zapier, Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Zapier, Microsoft One Drive, Zapier, and Microsoft One Drive. It can help with basic focus management. First, connect all users to the same board. You can also monitor the activities of other users.


The Team pricing plan costs ten dollars. This Miro pricing plan offers many options for growing teams who are looking for better collaboration management. You can work with infinite numbers of people. You can edit templates to make your projects unique and ensure that you have complete control over your work. The project’s functionality will allow you to quickly organize your boards and maintain your profiles. Private message board users can edit and delete posts while keeping their privacy.


Pricing for the business option starts at $20 Which includes all equipment that is included in the team strategy. There are many sophisticated solutions available that will allow for more effective teamwork in conferences and meetings. Miro Smart Meetings allows you to control who can access your meeting materials. It is possible to provide the necessary materials to participants by incorporating templates.


Enterprise pricing structures include central account administration, data governance, and SIEM applications. It simplifies the licensing process for large businesses and allows them to manage licenses. Users will also have access to DevOps integrations and CA Rally. This option requires at least 50 participants. The fees will vary depending on how many people participate.


Miro project management’s last pricing level provides support for client workspaces. Clients can have their own private areas that you may set up to protect project control and communication. Users will still have access to their personal templates to translate data into projects. It also gives consumers control over their projects and allows them to make changes. The consultant option costs $12.

Miro Demo

Prospective buyers can request a free trial to evaluate the software’s features and tools. Demonstrations can also help reveal the product’s major flaws. Demonstrations can help you decide whether to buy a product.

Confluence software

Confluence allows users to collaborate on projects however they like. However, they still have access to the most important information and updates. Users can save the knowledge that is easy to access and well-organized. It is also a friendly and welcoming environment that encourages interaction, participation, and immediate, saved feedback.

Confluence Pricing

Customers can choose to use the cloud to access Confluence, or to control their servers. You can choose from a range of cloud plans. These are the plans of confluence pricing you will find below.

Free Trial

There is a free edition that supports ten users. It supports unlimited pages and spaces, standard functionality, application connectors, and 2GB of data storage. There are also support networks.


The standard edition costs $5.50 per month and offers anonymity, audit logs, and 250GB of file storage. It also provides standard assistance from 9 to 5.


The Premium edition allows 100 users, and the monthly fee is $10.50 per user. Starting with user 101, the cost per user is lower. Businesses with restricted content are more likely to scale.


The pricing model for the business plans is not available on the website. Users will not be able to access it until they subscribe to the enterprise plan option. This plan is designed for large businesses and includes all features from the free trial up to the premium version.

Confluence Demo

Confluence is suitable for all kinds of teams, including those involved in mission-critical high-stakes projects. It also suits those who need to foster team culture and allows them to communicate more honestly and openly. Demos allow you to get a better understanding of all the features. You can also access the free demo on the website.

Final Analysis

This information is intended to help customers understand the pricing differences between the two software. Each software has its own unique features that make them useful, so a customer can choose the one that suits his needs best.

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