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Journalism is an important part of our society. It’s the backbone of democracy, and without it, we may as well be living in a dictatorship. But journalism isn’t immune to change, and that’s where Mediatakeout comes in. This startup is trying to shake up the journalism industry by providing a platform for journalists to share their work and connect with readers. If you’re interested in helping Mediatakeout grow and disrupt the journalism industry, be sure to check out their website and read their blog posts. They have a lot of information that will help you get involved in this exciting industry!

Mediatakeout Founder

Mediatakeout is a startup that aims to disrupt journalism by providing a platform for users to share content and interact with each other. Founded by Meghann Molineux, Mediatakeout has already made significant inroads into the media industry. With partnerships with major news organizations around the world.

Molineux believes that the current model of journalism is unsustainable and needs to be reformed. She believes that Mediatakeout can offer a better way for people to share information. Connect with each other, and learn from each other. Mediatakeout is striving to make journalism more interactive and participatory by allowing users to share their own content as well as find and follow stories from around the globe.

Since its inception, Mediatakeout has garnered a lot of attention from both the media industry and the public at large. The company has partnerships with some of the biggest news organizations in the world, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Reuters. These partnerships will allow Mediatakeout to expand its reach even further into the global media landscape.

Meghann Molineux is determined to change how people consume news and she believes that Mediatakeout can be a valuable tool in this effort. Her team is dedicated to providing quality content that is accessible and entertaining for all users.

To date, Mediatakeout has received positive feedback from both journalists and laypeople alike. Its user-generated content model allows

How Mediatakeout Started

Mediatakeout is an online platform that aims to disrupt journalism by providing a way for users to directly share and rate news stories. The startup was founded by Sumit Agarwal. Who wants to make it easier for people to find quality information and make informed decisions. Mediatakeout is available as a web app and as a mobile app. The web app is free to use, while the mobile app costs $0.99 per month. In addition to rating and sharing stories, Mediatakeout also offers a suite of tools that journalists can use to improve their reporting.

The Goal of Mediatakeout

The goal of Mediatakeout is to disrupt journalism. Founders Rafe Needleman and Evgeny Morozov believe that the traditional model of journalism is broken and needs to be revamped in order to serve the public better. They see Mediatakeout as a way to provide a more user-friendly platform for reporting stories. As well as giving journalists the opportunity to share their work in an open environment.

Mediatakeout was founded in 2013 by Rafe Needleman and Evgeny Morozov. The two met while working at The Wall Street Journal. Together, they saw that the traditional model of journalism was broken and needed to be revamped in order to serve the public better. They believe that Mediatakeout can offer a more user-friendly platform for reporting stories, as well as giving journalists the opportunity to share their work in an open environment.

To date, Mediatakeout has raised $2 million from investors including Index Ventures, SV Angel, and Greylock Partners. The company has also received support from organizations like The Knight Foundation and News Media Alliance. In addition, Mediatakeout has partnerships with major news organizations including Reuters, BBC News, and AFP.

In 2016, Mediatakeout launched its first product – a news aggregation platform called Catchpointe. Catchpointe provides users with a curated selection of top news stories from around the web, along with associated commentary from leading journalists. It is available

How Mediatakeout Works

Mediatakeout is a mobile app that aims to disrupt journalism by allowing users to submit and share news stories. The app was founded by Jody Avirgan. Who believes that the current system of journalism is outdated and needs to be reformed. Mediatakeout allows users to submit news stories anonymously and share them with friends or other users in the app. The app also has a commenting feature so readers can provide feedback on the story.

Mediatakeout has been controversial since it was founded due to its lack of verification procedures for submissions. This has led some media organizations to warn their readers about using the app. However, others have praised Mediatakeouts for its innovative approach to disrupting journalism. If it is successful in doing this, it could have a significant impact on the way people consume news content.

Challenges Facing Journalism

Fast-paced news cycles and the ever-growing demand for timely coverage have made journalism a challenge for many journalists. Mediatakeout founder, Nannette M. Johnson, has seen first-hand the difficulties that journalists face in their pursuit of truth. She understands the importance of accurate reporting and believes that Mediatakeout can help to improve journalism by providing an online platform where journalists can share their stories and expertise.

Since its inception, Mediatakeout has been a source of support for journalists. It provides a space where they can share their work with others and receive feedback. It also offers resources such as training videos and articles that can help them to improve their craft. In addition to helping journalists, Mediatakeouts also aims to raise awareness about the importance of accurate reporting. By providing readers with access to trustworthy information, it hopes to help them make informed decisions about which sources to trust.

Despite the challenges that journalism faces, Mediatakeout is committed to ensuring that the profession remains vital and relevant. It is working hard to provide reporters with the resources they need to do their job effectively and to champion accurate reporting wherever it is possible.

How Mediatakeout plans to Disrupt Journalism

Mediatakeout is a recently founded news platform that is looking to disrupt journalism. The company was founded by Aseem Prakash, an ardent journalist who believes in the importance of accurate and unbiased reporting. Mediatakeout plans to do this by providing its users with timely and accurate news coverage, as well as giving journalists the opportunity to share their stories in a more interactive format.

Prakash has spent years working as a journalist, and knows first-hand. How important it is for news outlets to be able to provide accurate information to their readers. He wants Mediatakeout to be the go-to source for news coverage, and believes that the platform can achieve this by offering its users several features that will make it easier for them to stay informed.

One of the main features of Mediatakeout is its social media integration. This allows journalists to share their stories on the platform directly through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This gives readers a chance to engage with the reporters directly, which Prakash believes will help improve the quality of information that is available on Mediatakeout.

In addition to its social media integration, Mediatakeout also offers its users access to live streaming capabilities. This allows journalists to stream their reporting live on the platform. Which Prakash believes will allow viewers to get a closer look at how they are conducting their investigations. Live streaming also gives readers the opportunity to ask questions directly during the broadcasted

Why Mediatakeout is Different from Other News Aggregators

Mediatakeout is a different kind of news aggregator. Rather than relying on a collection of preexisting articles. Mediatakeouts generates its content algorithmically, based on what users are likely to care about. Founder and CEO Ezra Mason believes that this method produces more interesting and accurate coverage.

Mediatakeout also differs from other news aggregators in terms of its funding model. The company does not rely on advertising revenue to survive; instead, it relies on subscription fees paid by users. This approach has allowed Mediatakeouts to stay independent and maintain editorial control over its content.

Mediatakeout is currently available in English and Spanish and has plans to expand into other languages in the future. The company is also working on developing new features. Such as a section for news alerts and a liveblogging feature that will allow users to share their reactions as events unfold.


Meet the founder of Mediatakeout, a website that is dedicated to disrupting journalism and helping people get their news from sources they trust. Jerome D’Ambrosio founded Mediatakeout in 2015 with the goal of providing people with quality news content that is independent and unbiased. He believes that citizens should be able to access trustworthy news without having to pay for it, and he is working hard to make this vision a reality. Mediatakeouts has already made an impact on the media landscape by breaking important stories and changing how people consume news. Jerome D’Ambrosio is passionate about his work and committed to making sure that everyone can have access to high-quality, independent journalism.

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