Maximizing the Benefits of Broadcast Texting for Your Business

When it comes to overall return on investment, few customer relationship management techniques are as effective as text broadcasting. It’s quite inexpensive and leverages the simple message service technology included on nearly every single cellular handset sold today. Keeping a few tips in mind before you start your business can help to really make it a success.

Contacting Multiple People All at Once

Broadcasting isn’t usually seen as a form of two-way communication since people on the receiving end usually don’t have any way to reply. The fact that broadcasters weren’t able to engage with their audiences was what led to the growth of various media like call-in shows on talk radio. By texting people from a number that can receive incoming messages, you can take advantage of all the benefits of one-way message transmission while still giving your readership the opportunity to reply.

Make sure that people are able to reach a real human agent if they reply to your texts. While you can set some kind of automatic response generator up, potential customers should feel like their texts will get read by an actual person if they need some assistance. You may want to even start discussions with more than one person at the same time. Services offering group texting for business are becoming increasingly commonplace, which are essentially the text equivalent of a three-way call.

When you add people to a text conversation in this way, you’ll essentially be able to communicate with them as though you were using a conventional chat room. That makes it easy to share ideas with a wide variety of potential prospects. It’s also a good way to coordinate your employees together. After all, there’s no reason you can’t send out internal text broadcasts.

Keeping Your Messages Concise

Theoretically, an individual SMS message can’t include more than 160 characters. If you send out anything more sophisticated than basic text, then you might even have a more strict limit than this. Emoji and accented characters might count as more than one character due to how each of these may consume more than two nybbles of data at a time. This is a strict limit, so you’ll want to keep all of your messages concise.

Each time you plan on sending out a broadcast that would occupy more than one page, see if you can’t compress things a little more. You might want to consider sending a link to a blog post or a video if your broadcast is taking up too much space. You could, of course, include images and videos directly in your text messages.

These are sent through the multimedia message service instead of conventional SMS, which means it may take a little longer to reach the recipient. Take a few moments to consider whether or not your message needs rich content or not. When it comes time to send out a multimedia broadcast, there are a few tricks you can use to cut down on the message size.

Reducing the Bitrate of Text Broadcasts

When you take pictures or shoot videos you intend to send out as an attachment to your text broadcast messages, you may want to turn down the resolution. Huge high-definition videos can take upwards of 20 megabits per second of downstream power to watch without an onerous amount of buffering. Few of your clients will ever notice since they’re going to be consuming your content on such a small screen anyway.

Accessibility is another consideration. You want to make sure that your content is consumable by those who may have to deal with special considerations or who might not have the best network connectivity. Consider producing several different versions of each message you send out in order to meet the needs of the widest number of potential clients. Firms that do any sort of business with public sector agencies may actually have to provide vendor-neutral content when they send out text broadcasts as a result of certain regulatory standards.

By making sure to tailor your text broadcasts to each of your leads, you’ll stand a much better chance of increasing your conversion rates. That, in turn, will help your brand to keep growing.

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