Living in Bedfordshire (UK), Buying a Shared Property

Bedfordshire is a beautiful and peaceful county of England. It is currently rated as one of the most popular places to live and raise families. So, let’s look at some benefits of living in Bedfordshire.

1. Greenery

Bedfordshire is a county filled with greenery and countryside charm. Its most prominent aspect is its vast green landscapes, lush farms and gardens, Golf courses, and public parks. It also has some patches of woods and hills here and there. This county is among the best in greenery and natural charm.

2. Exercise and sports

Bedfordshire has a lot of vacant grounds where you can run or play sports. The people living there play sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The environment we live in makes us what we are. So, living in a healthy and constructive environment will positively impact your life.

3. Lower stress

Living in crowded and noisy cities can be very stressful. Humans prefer nature over the steel forests you see in cities. Bedfordshire is covered with nature and greenery. It is sparsely populated, so it is much less noisy than London.

Living in such an environment helps relieve stress and is conducive to your mental health.

4. Affordable

Everything in Bedfordshire costs much less than in London and Luton. Buying a house costs less, Bedfordshire with Sage Homes, and even eating a meal cost less. So, you can maintain the same living standard as London at a much lower cost.

5. Well connected

The thing that most people dislike about rural areas is that they are too remote. It takes a lot of time to get to the nearest city. But Bedfordshire doesn’t have that problem; it has Luton on one side and Cambridge on the other side.

It takes less than an hour to get to London. It is a distance that you can easily commute daily. So, you can efficiently work in London and live in Bedfordshire. This way, you can simultaneously enjoy the incredible opportunities and high salaries offered in London and Bedfordshire’s healthy and affordable lifestyle.

Buying a shared ownership home in Bedfordshire with Sage Homes.

Now you know most of the incredible benefits of living in this county. Hurry up if you want to buy a home and raise a family. You are not the only one who has this idea. Bedfordshire has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and many people are moving here.

If you are waiting to save enough money before buying a house, then don’t wait. If you can’t afford to buy the entire house at once, buy it through shared ownership. It is much better than renting a home and paying hundreds of dollars monthly.

A lot of property companies in Bedfordshire are selling properties at shared ownership. Avail of this opportunity as soon as possible instead of waiting to save. Following are some reasons why you should buy a shared ownership house.

1. Easy start

If you don’t have enough money, no problem. You can start by buying a quarter of the house. If you don’t have enough money to buy a quarter of the house, you can take a mortgage.

All you need to pay at the start is a small deposit. That is usually lower than 10,000 pounds.

2. Same expenditure as renting

In shared ownership, you own a part of the house, not the entire house. So, you must pay rent for the part you don’t own. If you own 60% of the house, you must pay 40% of the house rent.

That is less than the usual rent. But if you bought your house shares through a mortgage, you would need to pay the monthly mortgage. If you add rent and mortgage, the total monthly expenditure on shared ownership is almost the same as the monthly rent.

3. Can become the sole owner

In shared ownership, you start with buying a percentage of the entire house. It means that you are not the sole owner but one of the house’s owners. But you have to option of buying more shares in the house after a certain period. Even if you buy a few shares at a time, you can still buy 100% of your house share after some time.

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