Leaking Roof? Here’s What to Do

Having a leaking roof is bound to happen for any homeowner. However, the speed of deterioration depends vastly on the homeowner’s commitment to maintenance requirements. Neglecting maintenance can compromise the stability of the roof, and on top of that, other factors can cause roof leaks and worsen the problem, such as bad weather, roof quality, and moss. 

The most common types of roof repairs Melbourne companies and homeowners need to handle face are caused by weather conditions. For example, if your leak occurred immediately after a heavy storm, chances are that it’s related to storm damage. This scenario should allow you to claim the damages from your insurance. But how do you go about getting it fixed?

What are the usual reasons behind a roof leak?

There are certain parts of your house where a roof is more likely to leak. These areas include where windows are installed, skylights, vent pipes, and chimneys. It would help if you inspected them often; luckily, it’s easy. Schedule this on your calendar so you notice issues before they become significant problems.

Other common causes of roof leaks include:

  • Wear & tear
  • Poor installation of the structure
  • Broken or missing roof tiles 
  • Using the wrong roofing material for the pitch 
  • Overflowing gutters 

As mentioned before, regular maintenance of your roof and ceiling is crucial to identify any leaks early before they cause any damage. 

What actions should I take if my roof is leaking?

If your roof leaks, the first thing to do is use a bucket to catch the water and avoid any damage to the floors and items below. Some people wonder if they can attempt to fix roof leaks themselves; however, the success rate has proven to be relatively low. Contacting a professional company to identify and repair the leak would be best. It is advised not to let such a matter linger but to have it sorted out as soon as possible.

Leaks that are not attended to immediately lead to mold, which can cause health issues such as asthma. Roof leaks can be a fire hazard if the water should reach your house’s wiring. It could also influence your energy bill as the water affects your insulation, making it more challenging to manage interior temperatures.

It proves the importance of taking quick action when you notice a leak. 

What to do While Waiting for the Professionals 

Reputable plumbers and contractors often have emergency services, so it’s possible to have the issue sorted within a day or two. While you wait for their arrival, do the following to limit the damage. 

  • Contain the water: Grab as many buckets as possible to contain the water and swap them out regularly to prevent overflow. Lay down towels or a tarp to protect your floors. 
  • Move furniture out of the way: A leaking roof is one thing, but the water damage can cause to your table, and other belongings is another! Once you’ve contained the water, move stuff out of the way as fast as possible so they won’t incur more damage you’ll need to pay for. 
  • Relief of water pressure: If you have a leak caused by damaged pipes, switch off the main water supply until you can repair it. If a leak in the roof already shows on the ceiling, gently poke a hole in the bulging area to relieve the water pressure. It can help limit the water’s spread and prevent the top from erupting. 
  • Tarp the roof: If you can’t fix the leak right away, and the top is safe enough to climb, cover the affected area with a tarp. You’ll need one about 6mm thick and extending a minimum of 4 feet past the problem area on all sides.  
  • Document photos for insurance purposes: If you wish to claim from your insurance, document everything by taking pictures. Having proof of what took place will help to claim your damaged items back from your insurance as well, and not only the costs of the roof repair. 

Don’t Forget the Gas!

Always book a gas heater service and inspection after you’ve had roofing work done.

Roofers need to lift your flashings to get shingles underneath. While doing so, they may unknowingly knock your venting system out of alignment.

Gas-operated water heaters give off carbon monoxide. If your vents are not aligned, the gas stays inside, so professional plumbers must ensure this aspect of your home is safe again for use. 


If you ever find yourself with a leaking roof, take the necessary precautions to minimize the roof leak while waiting for the professionals. Use a trusted company to do the repairs so you won’t have to pay again to get it done correctly. 

If you have not made a regular maintenance plan, speak to your chosen company to get this in place. It is vital to prevent any leakages in the future and will save you a lot of financial headaches down the line.  

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