Is Unity the Perfect Game Engine for Developers?

Perfect Game Engine for Developers

Video game developers who are just entering the industry often find it difficult to choose the right game engine to meet their needs. If you are one of them, you probably would have heard about Unity. It has become the go-to game engine for both mobile and indie game developers. You will be surprised to know that the majority of mobile games are powered by Unity. 

One example is Pokémon Go. It is a highly popular game that is developed by Niantic, Inc. The company used Unity to develop this game and millions of people around the globe enjoy playing it. You too can play this game but make sure to be subscribed to a reliable ISP. You can check details like Spectrum internet prices before opting for a plan.

Why Do Developers Prefer Unity?

Unity has soared in popularity in recent years. There are a lot of developers who rely on this game engine to create their masterpieces. But what makes Unity so great? Well, for starters, this game engine supports more than 25 platforms including Android TV, Windows, PlayStation, and iOS. It is a real-time development platform that allows developers to create AR, VR, 3D, and 2D content. 

Another reason why more and more developers are jumping on the Unity bandwagon is that it is free! Yes, you read it right! The game engine’s personal license allows developers to create commercial games absolutely free. However, there’s a catch: the developers must have not received or earned over $100,000 in funding or revenue derived from the use of Unity in the last year.

Although the platform is free, Unity does have Business and Pro versions that developers can subscribe to get more features. 

Advantages of Unity

Unity provides a ton of advantages to developers. Here are a few of them:

1. Makes Recruitment Easier 

Unity has a broader reach. A lot of developers are already familiar with Unity and how it works which makes it easier for you to recruit talent. The reason why most of the developers have knowledge about this game engine is that it has a big footing in both the mobile and indie scenes. Since so many people use it, the bar for recruiting someone who knows about Unity is quite low which allows companies to get things done cheaply and quickly. 

2. Ideal for Beginners 

As Unity is free, it makes for a valuable tool for aspiring developers. Garry Williams from Tea for Two called this game engine the best for beginners. This is because it handles all the complexities whilst doing 3D work. Unity is a brilliant platform for up-and-coming developers. They can easily polish their skills more which will eventually help them in the creation of video games. Unity became even more useful for fresh developers after it included a visual scripting tool called Bolt. 

3. Fast and Agile 

Another reason why many developers are inclined towards Unity is that this tool has the ability to do things quickly. Developers will find this platform really helpful when they brainstorm a new game concept. The co-founder of Pajama Llama Stan Loiseaux said that it’s super easy, quick, and seamless to make a video game in Unity. And guess what? Unity allows developers to create games with little to no coding! 

Disadvantages of Unity

There are some disadvantages of Unity as well that you should know about. Here they are:

1. Not Ideal for Big Projects

Although Unity works great for beginners and allows for quick processes, it isn’t your answer if you are aiming to create something that is bespoke and is based on a large scale. You must reconsider if you want to make a AAA game or something that has a massive landscape.

2. Lacks UI Features

Unity doesn’t have some UI features that are essential for developers. Stan Loiseaux agrees with it and has labeled the field as an area for improvement. 

3. Promotes Bad Code Practice 

Unity was essentially not meant to become a game engine. It was actually meant for JavaScript and web development. Garry Williams is not really pleased with Unity and said that it promotes bad code practices because it’s meant for smaller projects.


Unity is a powerful game engine that many developers rely on to create mind-boggling games. Plus, the fact that it’s free attracts a lot of people to build their games on the platform. It is also a great pick for beginners. They can use the engine to sharpen their skills. Although it offers many useful pros, it has some cons too that you must consider before making any decision. It is suggested to diligently look at both before you choose to opt for Unity.

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