How to work with your divorce lawyer in Alabama?

If you are contemplating divorce in Alabama, one of the first prudent steps is to talk to an attorney. While you may know people who have completed their divorce without any legal help, this may not be the most effective option, especially if you don’t understand legal jargon. In Alabama, you must wait for at least 30 days to finalize your divorce, provided all matters related to the separation are resolved with your spouse. If yours is an uncontested divorce, top lawyers from The Harris Firm, LLC can represent you at a flat fee.

Below are a few tips for working effectively with your divorce lawyer.

  1. Don’t hide facts from your lawyer. Think of your divorce as a business transaction. Hiding details like assets you own or whether you are having an affair is never a good idea. Even if you have made a few mistakes, your lawyer can do the damage control in time. Your lawyer is your trusted resource and advocates through the entire process.
  2. Be open to solutions. You cannot expect everything to move as per your expectations. When your divorce lawyer advises you on certain aspects, don’t dismiss the same. A skilled lawyer will want to resolve things amicably to avoid litigation. A trial for your divorce can take time and will eventually drain your finances.
  3. Keep everything ready. Lawyers often feel frustrated working with clients who aren’t prepared for the process. Everything from your marriage certificate to financial documents and other papers should be ready for the lawyer. When you meet an attorney for the first time, ask them about the things they need from you.
  4. Listen to your lawyer’s advice. If your lawyer advises against posting things on social media or calling your spouse, listen to them. In contested divorces, small mistakes can lead to serious outcomes, and it is best to cooperate with your attorney and follow the dos and don’ts as suggested.
  5. Don’t miss emails and communication. Just like you would want your attorney to respond to your calls and emails on time, they expect the same in return. Always remain available to discuss things and ensure that you inform the lawyer in advance about stepping out of town.

Divorce lawyers have busy schedules and prefer to work with people who are serious about their cases. Find a lawyer you can trust and pay heed to their ideas and advice.

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