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There’s no denying that suit lapels have little functional purpose. However, it’s not ideal to ignore them when shopping for the best bespoke men’s suits for your upcoming event. Today, there are three different types of lapel styles for men’s suits. The most common of these styles is the notched lapel. It’s perfect for both casual and business suits. The other two suit lapel styles are shawl and peak lapels.

The rest of this post will only focus on everything you need to know about peak lapel bespoke men’s suits, including how to wear them to look more elegant.

What exactly are peak lapel suits and tuxedos?

As the name suggests, peak lapel suits are the types of suits that feature a peak lapel – the tip of the lapel points upwards and towards the shoulder.

If you’re the type that doesn’t like ubiquitous lapel styles, peaked lapel bespoke men’s suits are the best for you. They are more classic and perfect for various formal occasions.

Like peak lapel suits, peak lapel tuxedos are the most traditional-looking tuxedos you’ll find out there. This tux style will certainly leave you with a look and feel that shows power & authority. Just make sure the width of the lapel is neither too narrow nor too wide.

Are peaked lapel suits for everyone?

Yes, anybody can go for the peaked lapel bespoke tuxedos and suits. However, to enjoy the best of this suit design, you should mostly go for it if you’re short.

How to wear peaked lapel bespoke tuxedos or suits?

Now, you already know what peaked lapel suits are, including who they are specifically suited for. Now, let’s discuss how to wear this classic-style tux to look more elegant.

 Unlike notched lapel suits, peaked lapels are ideal for both single-breasted and double-breasted suits. That’s not all; you can always consider this suit lapel style morning coats and tail coats.

  • If you’re going for a business meeting or a seminar (to deliver a public speech), you can always go for this style (peaked lapel) of bespoke men’s suits. In case you don’t know, putting on a suit with a peaked lapel is known as “power dressing” in every corporate event or setting.
  • That’s not all; you can also consider putting on a peaked lapel suit or tux when attending a wedding event with a semi-formal dress code.

Where to find the perfect peak lapel suits or tuxedos?

To enjoy the best of your peaked lapel bespoke tuxedo or suit, ensure you opt for one that features peaks that are rightly shaped. With the right tailor, such as Kamran Bespoke, you shouldn’t have any issues with your garment. That’s so because this maker offers 100 percent custom suits and garments that cater to your needs. Another thing you’ll get to experience with this maker is skeleton fitting.
Unarguably, most tailors out there often find it difficult to adjust the shape of the peaks. However, that’s not the case for Kamran Bespoke as the skeleton fitting will act as an insurance fit, enabling the tailor to make adjustments where necessary so you can achieve the perfect peaked lapel bespoke men’s suits.

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