How to Protect Your Home Network

Setting up a new smart home device is a simple and easy process. With time, smart home devices have taken over electronics at home. From smart TVs to baby monitors, you don’t need to spend money on purchasing old-school appliances. Besides, you can easily monitor your online activities through your home network to ensure that it remains secure from intruders and hackers. However, sometimes, your home network can be subject to intrusion over the internet. So, if you are wondering how you can prevent such security issues on your home network, keep reading this article to find out ways to protect it without any hassle. 

Importance of Securing Your Home Network                   

Securing your home network is crucial for people of all locations. In case, someone gains access to your data, it can be very unsafe for people connected to the same network as it can leave you vulnerable to more cyberattacks. From malware to data leaks, many cybercriminals are looking for ways to get through your data. 

5 Ways to Secure Your Home Network

Once you have subscribed to a monthly internet plan by Windstream, you need to check out the following effective ways to protect your home network:

Change Your Default Username and Password 

Once your device has been installed, it is essential to modify your account details, such as username and password to keep them safe from intrusion. Since default passwords are likely to be the same for all products with the model number created by the same manufacturer, you need to ensure that your password is different from the default one. Add 8-11 alphanumeric characters to your password to ensure that nobody can decipher the passwords. In addition, you must change your password regularly to keep up with the security of your home network.

Download a Security Software on Each Device

Since it can be difficult to modify every single detail related to your network, you should consider investing in security software to avoid viruses, phishing attempts, and malware from taking over your devices. For best results, use Norton 360 as it ensures that every device connected to your network does not provide access to unwanted users trying to access your personal information. Get connected to Windstream Internet for seamless connectivity to your security system without any complications.

Change Your Router’s Name

Your router’s ID is known as SSID. It should be changed every few months to ensure that nobody can gain access to it without your permission. At times, we have guests coming over yet we share our network ID and password with them to enable internet access on their devices. You may not notice that the same devices remain connected to the network until you remove them from the list of connected devices on the same network. These users may download files or visit websites that can pose a threat to your device. So, instead of leaving your network unattended, make sure you remove unwanted users and devices from your network and change your router’s name regularly.

Update Your Router’s Firmware

Your router’s firmware is crucial for your home network. There are new updates coming now and then, which enable users to stay safe while browsing, streaming, or gaming over the internet. With updated firmware, you can ensure that your network remains secure from all sorts of cyberattacks that can be carried out by hackers or anyone who has access to your network.

Use Encryption Tools

Now that you have changed your network’s name, ID, and password, it is time for you to try out a new encryption method. Switch to WPA, WPA2, WPA3, or WEB to make sure that your home network does not allow access to cybercriminals in any way. Since WEB is no longer updated with the latest security standards, you should consider using WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 only. This way, your information will remain encrypted from all sorts of security and privacy risks over the internet.

Final Thoughts

Instead of worrying about potential security and privacy risks and threats over the internet, you should consider following our abovementioned ways to improve your home network security. Otherwise, it can be easy for intruders to gain access to your network as well as guest users that are already connected to the same network. Every precaution that you take now will save you from bigger harm in the future. So, make sure that you protect yourself, your devices, and your data stored on devices from security threats that can leave you vulnerable to bigger issues in the future.

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