How to prevent ads on utorrent?

Since uTorrent is one of the more established torrent players on the market, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to get to know the program from top to bottom.

There is no doubt that torrent servers have a negative reputation. We ended up exchanging pirated versions of software and movies since the technology was made for quickly downloading many things. But that’s not what we’re here for. Furthermore, we think that even if you stream Netflix using uTorrent, you do so to get a fast preview before spending money on a movie you like.

Let’s discuss how to remove ads from uTorrent

How to Remove uTorrent Ads

Torrent has exhausted all of its options to keep the choice to turn off adverts out of the grasp of regular internet users.

There are no easily accessible checkboxes or buttons to quickly allow or stop adverts. To discover the appropriate buttons to press, you must look endlessly in the settings menu.

However, you can follow these steps to prevent ads:

1. Using Advanced Settings

If just uTorrent advertising annoys you, you may disable them in the Advanced settings. Open Options => Preferences => Advanced to hide uTorrent advertisements. There, you’ll discover a filter box and a list of flags.

Look for and mark the following red flags as false:

offers.left rail offer enabled/left rail offer \ plus upsell

offers.sponsored torrent offer enabled/=> \ssponsored torrent offer enabled \sbt.enable pulse

If you deactivate the incorrect flag, the program’s functionality may suffer. The titles of flags may somewhat vary, thus, it’s best to use a browser extension for uTorrent if you’re unsure what to deactivate rather than ruining a program. If everything is done correctly, uTorrent’s advertisements will be disabled.

2. Using uTorrent Pro

Another way to disable advertising is to pay $19,95/year for the PRO edition of the torrents client. An earlier ad-free version of uTorrent was available for $4,95/year; however this deal was short-lived. Currently, uTorrent’s PRO version is the only one with no ads.

You’ll receive uTorrent without any advertising and a few intriguing bonuses. Pro features include automated virus protection, file transcoding, and torrent streaming.

3. Using a VPN

You must pay for a VPN provider regardless of whether you pay for Utorrent. Your IP address and personal information are exposed if you don’t use a VPN service, making them vulnerable to hackers and other individuals interested in accessing your data and using it in any way they see fit.

VPN services are an excellent method to safeguard torrent downloads and give you the tools required to encrypt your data. Few VPN services on the market genuinely live up to their claims that they take excellent care of your data and understand how to safeguard it from other parties.

Why is VPN the best solution?

Using a VPN has several advantages. Among the most crucial is how well enterprises can secure networks. A program or website may monitor your internet behavior without your awareness. They can then examine the information they have gathered and try to focus with advertisements. Without a VPN, you can encounter a deluge of pop-up adverts that might obstruct your surfing and be generally annoying.

Using a VPN may prevent third parties from using your connection, including programs and web browsers. This maintains the confidentiality and security of the information you send and receive.

When you have used a limited amount of data available, your internet service provider (ISP) may throttle your upload and download speeds. Being able to evade ISP throttling is one of the advantages of using a VPN, especially since neither your ISP nor third parties can view the amount of data you consume. Workers who must utilize unlimited data on their mobile devices to access the internet while traveling may find this to be of great use.

Using a VPN, you may obtain a different Internet Protocol (IP) address. When a gadget peruses the internet, plays media, or performs other online activities, its IP address reveals its location. Some websites and companies restrict access to a portion or all of their content for users from specific countries. This is typical of services like Netflix that target particular regions. That’s how reliable a VPN is. 


After following the steps mentioned above, you may enjoy downloading torrents without having to deal with advertising. The fact that uTorrent is compact and practical makes it a handy torrent client. Unfortunately, it has flaws, one of which is that it displays adverts. But thanks to this guide, you can resolve this problem once and for all. 

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