How to Help Your Business Get the Most from Its Whippit Canister

As a business owner, you may be familiar with the whippit canister— a versatile tool for dispensing whipped cream and other delicious treats in your food and beverage products. However, to ensure the safety of your customers and the quality of your products, it is essential to know how to use this device correctly. This article will discuss how you can help your business get the most from its whippit canister while prioritizing safety and quality.

Understanding the Whippit Canister

Before we delve into how to use the Whippit canister effectively, let us first understand what it is. A whippit canister— known by many other names, such as a nitrous oxide charger or whip cream charger —is a metal canister filled with nitrous oxide gas. When this gas is released into a whipped cream dispenser, it creates the pressure to turn heavy cream into fluffy.

Choosing the Right Whippit Canister

You should purchase high-quality canisters from reputable suppliers. Check the expiration date of each canister before use, as expired canisters can pose a safety risk and affect the texture.

Also, keep an eye on compatibility. Your chargers, dispensers, regulators, and nozzles need to work together.

Size is another concern. Whippits come in varying sizes, from the small 8G canisters to commercial-sized 640G tanks from Exotic Whip. Most whippits only need the dispenser and charger, but larger tanks require whip-it canister pressure regulators. Calculate approximately how much-whipped cream (or other applicable items) you use to determine how many tanks you need. High-volume restaurants will want larger tanks, while at-home bakers are fine with the 8G.

Safe Handling of the Whippit Canister

Handling the whippit canister safely is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the quality of your products. First and foremost, follow any safety instructions sent by the supplier. 

Always wear gloves when handling the canister to prevent frostbite, as the canister can become extremely cold when the gas is released. Do not puncture or expose the canister to heat, which can cause it to explode.

Using the Whippit Canister in Food Applications

A whippit canister is a versatile tool used in various food applications. It is commonly used to dispense whipped cream on desserts such as cakes and pies. To use the Whippit canister for this purpose, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the whippit canister to a whipped cream dispenser.
  2. Add liquid cream to the dispenser.
  3. Screw on the dispenser head and shake it vigorously.
  4. Press the dispenser trigger to release the whipped cream.

Pro tip: refrigerate your heavy whipping cream and dispenser a good 30 min before use.

Using the Whippit Canister in Drink Applications

The whippit canister can also create frothy and delicious drinks, such as coffee and cocktails. To use the Whippit canister for this purpose, follow these steps:

  1. Brew your desired beverage and let it cool.
  2. Pour the drink into a whipped cream dispenser.
  3. Add a whippit canister to the dispenser.
  4. Shake the dispenser vigorously.
  5. Dispense the frothy drink into a glass.

Using the Whippit Canister in Dessert Applications

In addition to whipped cream, the whippit canister can make other delicious dessert toppings, such as mousse and ganache. To use the Whippit canister for this purpose, follow these steps:

  1. Combine the ingredients for your desired dessert topping in a whipped cream dispenser.
  2. Add a whippit canister to the dispenser.
  3. Shake the dispenser vigorously.
  4. Dispense the dessert topping onto your desired dessert.

Achieving Picture-Perfect Presentation with the Whip Cream Charger

A whip-it canister allows for consistent results and picture-perfect presentation in a fraction of the time. It is essential for businesses that prioritize the aesthetic appeal of their products or advertisements. Here are some ways a Whippit canister helps:

Consistent Texture and Volume

Using the Whippit canister to dispense whipped cream, mousse, or other dessert toppings ensures a consistent texture and volume. It is because the nitrous oxide gas in the canister creates a stable and predictable pressure needed to turn liquid cream into a fluffy and airy topping.

Precise Dispensing

Dispensing whipped cream or other toppings by hand can be messy and imprecise, leading to uneven or sloppy presentation. With the whippit canister, however, you can dispense toppings with precision and control, allowing you to create intricate designs or patterns. Nozzles enable you to change the look of the cream, as well.


Using the whippit canister is a time-saving method compared to whipping cream by hand, which can be labour-intensive. With the Whippit canister, you can create whipped cream or other dessert toppings in seconds, allowing you to focus on different aspects of your business. This time-saving method is significant for companies with high-volume production or tight schedules.

Customizable Flavors

The Whippit canister allows businesses to customize the flavour of their whipped cream or other toppings by adding different extracts or flavourings. It adds variety to the menu, enabling companies to cater to different tastes and preferences. Additionally, it can be a cost-effective method compared to buying pre-flavoured toppings.

The Whippit canister offers businesses a quick, efficient, customizable method of creating consistent and visually appealing products. By using this tool, companies can achieve picture-perfect presentations in a fraction of the time without sacrificing quality or taste.

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