How to Check File Verification of Lahore Smart City


Lahore Smart City is multi motive venture and symbol of present-day residing in Lahore City. It is developed and designed to provide a completely perfect living to its residents. In addition, its fifth project in Asia and second project in the Pakistan. Moreover, the developers aim is to provide all facilities and luxurious life to people. The payment plan is affordable and have option of installments as well. Whereas, the location of this project is accessible easily. The main feature through which investors trust on any real estate property is No Objection Certificate. And, this venture is LDA approved. Furthermore, the verification of file is very essential as it makes sure about the construction work quality. Keep reading, for more details about checking file verification.

Developers & Owners:

The developers of Lahore Smart City are the three largest Pakistan’s real estate industry developers named 1-Future development holdings, 2-Habib Rafiq and 3-Surbana Jurong. They are well known developers in real estate industry. Moreover, they have completed numerous of ventures already and also working on several other projects. The developers pay attention to provide all facilities to people in reasonable rates. 

How to Check Lahore Smart City File Verification:

Verification of file is crucial as it guarantees that you will be able to obtain the advantages of project. Moreover, file verification also guarantees that the money you are investing in any society is also safe. Given below is all about the way to verify that file is protected inside the project, such as:

 Use Online Portal: 

The best way to check the file verification is online portal. It is an option provided by housing schemes to facilitate the investors. Moreover, Lahore Smart City project provides this facility through which residents can check their file status as well as any complaint about it. 

The process of file verification is easy to follow and simple. Firstly, visit the online portal then register yourself as Lahore’s citizen. Secondly, Login to the portal and then access all applicable information of work and contractors. Furthermore, from website- citizens can download circulars, forms and essential documents. 

Lahore Smart City App:

To check the file verification Lahore smart city App is also available. Further, it permits citizens to access services of this project. Inclusive of- online bills payments, traffic tickets and parking etc. Moreover, Neighborhood complains also be reported. By using Google play store everyone can download this application and by searching ‘Lahore Smart City’. Lastly, this application provides you timely updated information and easy to use. Android devices user and IOS user each can use and take benefits of it. 

Contact Authorized Dealers:

It is very crucial to know that you are getting correct file verification so must contact to authorized dealers. Going through with well-known and good company, you can get authorized dealers. Because, there are many dealers who are saying that they are authorized. A reputable organization makes sure that you are getting right information. 

Moreover, must ask dealers about smart city of Lahore experiences and process of verification. By checking review and asking from friends or family is also a way to get authorized dealer. 

Payment and Installment Plan:

 In file verification, payment plan is important. The phase of payment plan will make certain that residents of Lahore are not over loaded or burdened with the payment plan. This project actually offers installment plans that overcome burden of residents. Furthermore, payment plan is available in files so you can check it again. 

Visit the Site Office: 

The file verification is very vital so, investors can visit the site of Lahore smart city. In addition, benefit of visiting the site office is that people who are investing money can have a better idea about their file’s status.  Furthermore, the staff will answer all of the question investors ask and tell them more about society development status. 


Lahore Smart City is a dream housing society and considered one of the exceptional housing societies in Pakistan. The aim is simple to build a luxurious lifestyle for people. Further, the charming and outstanding features of this project are its location and its flexible payment plan. So, it’s very important to know the vision behind all the successful mega projects such as Capital Smart City & how it has been shaping the world of the real estate market in Pakistan. Above all, is the way through which you can check the verification of your file. Moreover, this is the critical step inside the venture, because it makes sure that all of the files meet requirements. Furthermore, checking the verification of file makes sure that investment is safe. 

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