How can a cleaning company help you – types of services

Many people think that cleaning companies serve only organizations and very rich houses. However, any housewife needs help with cleanliness in the house! A good janitorial service company has a wide range of affordable services.

Different types of home cleaning

The janitorial service in Los Angeles does a variety of cleaning services. The easiest option is daily or one-time cleaning. This is the case when the apartment is dirty, and you have no strength left, or you are waiting for guests. 

The specific set of services needs to be clarified, but usually, wet cleaning in the house, mopping, and light cleaning of furniture. Often, the cost of a one-time cleaning is calculated based on the cost of the service per square meter, and you can invite cleaners quite urgently: on the same day.

Comprehensive cleaning is similar to general cleaning. This service can be used once a month or a little less. In addition to cleaning an apartment, it includes washing windows, dry cleaning surfaces (carpets, furniture, curtains), removing odors in a bathroom, room, or refrigerator, etc. 

Any cleaning company has a price list for small individual services that can be added to any cleaning: washing the refrigerator, removing rust, and bleaching surfaces. Similar services can be implemented for cottages and private houses. Here, of course, there will be a special set of services, which is negotiated when ordering.

Cleaning can be done monthly. In this case, the customer and the cleaning company enter into an agreement for a certain period. Its cost is much more profitable than calling the cleaning masters separately every month.

Special cleaning

This is cleaning after an emergency: fire, flooding. Such a service is quite tricky to perform; it takes time and special equipment. However, if you have chosen competent assistants, the result will be great! With the help of professional equipment, specialists can remove stains, odors, and dry surfaces, prevent mold and thoroughly prepare the apartment for the repairs that usually follow such sad events.

A good cleaning is required in the apartment and after repair. Masters will remove the remains of building dust, which is harmful to the respiratory system, clean the surfaces of paint traces and putty, and wash windows, which are usually very dirty during repairs.

A separate and useful service is odor removal. It can be ordered both separately and in combination with any cleaning. Modern technologies will help to cope with the smell of burning cigarettes and the presence of cats or dogs in the house.

For those who want to try eco-friendly cleaning, there is a cleaning service with a steam generator. They can treat most surfaces in the house, removing dirt and grease from the thinnest cracks. The air becomes humidified, and no chemicals are used.

Business cleaning

Business owners are very fond of using the services of professional cleaners: sign a convenient contract, and the premises will always be clean. At the same time, the entrepreneur does not spend money on keeping cleaners on staff, who are often very problematic staff and do not need to pay tax deductions for them. 

Cleaning for business can be both one-time and permanent. Contracts are concluded with retail stores, chains, individual companies, entire office centers, shopping malls, fitness centers, hotels, etc. A full range of cleaning services is available for businesses, including washing windows from the outside by pro climbers.

More and more homemakers and business owners are turning to janitorial service in Los Angeles and are convinced that this saves strength, nerves, and health.


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