How Buying Instagram Followers Can Reduce Your Risk of Getting Shadow Banned

Imagine you have a social media following that often interacts with all your postings. However, one day you realize your postings no longer receive the same level of interaction as they did. If so, what may have occurred? Have your followers suddenly lost interest in you or is something sinister lurking beneath the surface?

Probably, your posts have been ‘shadow banned,’ which Instagram utilizes to screen out sites violating its terms and conditions. When a post is shadow banned, it will not appear in your followers’ feeds. In such a case, the only way anyone can view it is to visit your Instagram profile, but this isn’t the most effective method for Instagram postings to be seen. 

If your followers cannot see your posts in their feeds, they are unlikely to return to your Instagram profile often for updates. Likely, your hopes of success as a business or influencer on Instagram will be dashed.

Why is shadow banning required?

Although shadow banning on Instagram is a controversial practice, it is required. Instagram shadow blocks an account or a post from a particular account only to look genuine. In recent years, Instagram has risen to the top social media hierarchy and provided both individuals and organizations with lucrative revenue opportunities. 

However, the potential to make money on these platforms has been exploited by many individuals through unscrupulous methods. Instagram’s censors quickly impose their shadow ban on these sites as these methods harm Instagram’s trust. As a result, many Instagram users pay for followers through bots to rapidly increase their follower numbers.

Shadow banning can also occur if the following appears on your Instagram page:

  • Many Instagram users promote a single post with up to thirty hashtags, often including unrelated hashtags to increase exposure. You should not use more than five to six hashtags for each post. It is also recommended that you avoid using the same hashtags repeatedly. Using the same hashtags across all your Instagram posts will be viewed as spam by Instagram administrators, which may result in a shadow ban.
  • Your material will likely be shadow banned if it violates Instagram’s Community Standards. Instagram does not often feature these posts on its hashtag search or Explore pages.

What to do if you are shadow banned on Instagram

The most blatant sign that your Instagram account has been shadow banned is a steep fall in user interaction. However, this does not imply that shadow bans are always applied when user engagement decreases. 

Sometimes changes to Instagram’s algorithm result in a decrease in engagement rates. You can check the status of your account shadow bans by following these steps.

  1. The Instagram Analytics feature allows users to analyze a range of statistics to determine whether their pages are growing or decreasing. Some measures, such as impressions and profile visits, provide information on engagement rates. If you notice a dramatic reduction in the activity of your Instagram account, this may suggest that Instagram has shadow banned your account.
  2. If your account has been shadow-banned, specific internet tools, such as The Heist and Traber, can assist you in determining the hashtags responsible for the ban.
  3. It is easiest to determine whether an account has been shadow banned by conducting a hashtag search. To perform a hashtag search, you must publish a message using a unique hashtag. Ask a few friends to do hashtag searches on Instagram using your unique hashtag. If your article appears in these search results, you are safe. However, your account will likely be shadow banned if they cannot locate your post.

A method of reducing the risk of shadow bans by purchasing followers

Some numerous articles and blogs claim that buying Instagram followers uk will result in your posts being censored and your account being shadow banned. However, if you buy bot-generated followers, this approach will harm you. 

Often, services that provide bots as followers charge dirt-cheap rates, and these bots will destroy your comments section. There will be a significant tarnish on your credibility because most comments posted by the bots are irrelevant to your content. Furthermore, the unrelated comments are likely to discourage individuals who are genuinely interested in your postings, which will adversely impact your Instagram profile development. You will not be concerned about shadow banning if you buy real Instagram followers UK. 

The Instagram algorithm values organic interaction above all else because organic followers provide what the algorithm values the most: organic interaction. The result is relevant and meaningful comments on all your Instagram posts, increasing your profile and Instagram’s credibility.

Follow these tips to avoid shadow bans

  • You should immediately delete bot followers from your followers’ list if they follow you. After they are removed, your following may decrease, but this may prevent your Instagram account from being shadow banned in the long run. While you’re at it, delete any questionable followers you encounter. Keep in mind that your Instagram profile should be as trustworthy as possible.
  • Instagram has prohibited several hashtags due to their offensive nature. You can be certain that many more problematic hashtags will be blocked in the future as more problematic hashtags emerge. Therefore, before you use a hashtag in a post, make sure the platform does not prohibit it. If it is, your post will instantly be shadow banned.
  • It is difficult for companies and influencers to be active on Instagram. Therefore, many Instagram users use third-party applications that automatically post comments and photographs on their behalf. Although these applications may appear helpful, Instagram monitors and regulates their activities in real-time. Instagram will likely shadow ban your account if an app performs all the work for you.
  • Many users are unaware of Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. All Instagram accounts are required to adhere to these guidelines. If your postings comply with the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, the likelihood of your account being shadow banned is relatively low.

Considering these factors, you likely have been shadow-banned if your Instagram posts are censored. Delete any suspicious followers (including bots) and purchase organic followers from a reputable source to reverse shadow banning on Instagram. The time has come to build your Instagram profile organically if you are ambitious and wish to make it big. You can buy Instagram followers UK for rapid growth from reputable websites without violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

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