Give a Perfect Pedicure to Your Poochie in 5 Simple Steps

The noise made as your dog’s nails click on the floor can be annoying. This sound can also signify that your little poochie needs a pedicure. Take your puppy to a professional groomer for a quick and safe service, or consider arranging for it in the comforts of your home.

Exercise care and caution while trimming your fur baby’s nails because you don’t want to hurt your furry friend by cutting the pink part of the nail. It can be scary, and if you are a first-timer, it is always advisable to scoop up your pupper to the vet for nail clipping. 

Accidental injuries are possible, so undertake the task only if you are confident about handling your doggo’s paws and nails correctly. At the same time, consider being prepared with pet health insurance so that getting medical assistance during unanticipated health situations need not be financially burdening.

Pet insurance cost can be more bearable than unplanned vet bills, which is why you should contemplate buying a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to give your poochie a perfect pedicure in five simple steps.

Trim your puppy’s nails like a pro

If you don’t want to make a trip to the groomer for a dog pedi, then learn to do the job yourself. Undoubtedly, professionals are good at handling fur babies, so you can rest assured that your little pet is in safe hands. However, if you want to do it on your own and it is your first time, consider having extra hands to help you with the routine.


Keep all things ready on the table. This includes a pair of nail clippers, a soft towel, and powder. Nail clippers made for dog use are available in various styles—scissors, pliers, guillotine, and power rotary tools, to name a few. Try a few of them and consider using the one you and your furry baby are most comfortable with.


Allow your puppy to sit comfortably on a hard surface like a bathroom counter, table, or the washing machine’s top. Although this helps your pet to stay put, consider taking the help of anyone from the household, so your little pupper doesn’t squirm away.


You need to trim five nails, including the “Dewclaw” on your dog’s paws. The nail is made of an outer shell and a cuticle known as “Quick”. It can be easy to spot the quick if the nails are light-colored; otherwise, it can be challenging. Trim only the nail’s edge and about two to three mm away from the quick. If the quick portion isn’t visible, it would help to just trim a bit of the nail ends.


Hold the nail clippers in your dominant hand and your puppy’s paw in the other hand. Keep your thumb below the puppy’s paw pads for better control during trimming. Place the clippers at the point where you want to cut, and then swiftly but safely cut the sharp nail edge. Repeat this for every nail.


Trim your puppy’s nails once in three to four weeks. Offer it plenty of tiny treats at the end of the routine to reinforce good behavior.

Keep the pedicure sessions short and sweet to avoid stressing out your fur kid. Just in case you accidentally cut into the quick, don’t panic. Instead, clean up the bleeding nail and apply Iodine powder to prevent infections. Take your dog to the vet for dressing if the bleeding doesn’t stop.

Pet health insurance covers a furry baby’s medical bills during unplanned vet visits for reasons like this and many others. Note that pet insurance cost can be much lower than unexpected vet bills, which is why you must consider purchasing a policy.

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