GermanyBased Lengoo SeriesColdEweyTechcrunch: A Series C Round Led by Dewey Square with TechCrunch


Lengoo is a German-based language technology company. Recently, the GermanyBased Lengoo SeriesColdEweyTechcrunch announced a successful Series C funding round. Dewey Square led the round, with participation from existing investors. The company has developed a unique AI-powered language translation platform, which is quickly gaining recognition in the market. This article will provide an overview of the company, its background, and its recent funding round.

Background of Lengoo

Maximilian Swoboda and Jan Raba founded Lengoo in 2016 to make professional language services more accessible and affordable. The company has developed an AI-powered language translation platform, which provides high-quality translations at a fraction of the cost of traditional language service providers.

Lengoo’s platform uses a combination of machine learning and human translation to provide accurate and natural-sounding translations. Designers made the platform user-friendly, so clients can place translation orders with just a few clicks.

Lengoo’s Success and Growth

Since its launch, Lengoo has experienced tremendous success, attracting clients from a wide range of industries, including tech, e-commerce, and finance. The company has also seen significant growth in recent years, with a three-fold increase in revenue in 2020.

The company’s unique approach to language translation, which combines the accuracy of machine translation with the naturalness of human translation, drove this success. This approach has allowed Lengoo to offer its services at a lower cost than traditional language service providers, making professional translation services accessible to a wider range of clients.

Series C Funding Round

Lengoo recently announced a successful Series C funding round, led by Dewey Square, with participation from existing investors. Investors funded the company with an undisclosed amount, which the company will use to develop its platform further and expand into new markets.

According to TechCrunch, this round of funding is a testament to Lengoo’s innovative approach to language translation and its growing reputation in the market. The company’s unique combination of AI and human translation is providing a much-needed solution in a market that traditional language service providers currently dominate.


In conclusion, Lengoo’s recent Series C funding round is a significant event for the company and the language technology market. The company’s unique language translation approach resonates with clients. Its continued growth and success are a testament to the innovative platform. This approach is what sets the company apart from others. The funding from this round positions GermanyBased Lengoo SeriesColdEweyTechcrunch well for continued growth. It also helps solidify the company’s position as a leading language technology company.

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